Building Buzz: How Far Can We Go?

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How far can we go to build buzz? “To Infinity… and beyond!” Does that answer your question? Let’s talk about building a buzz for your online business.

Building a buzz online is crucial for your success. There may be billions of people online every day but you also have to remember there are now millions of other blogs they can visit. Yours is just one of many. Thankfully, there are almost as many ways to stand out from the Internet crowd as there are stars in the sky. You just need to be creative and start reaching for those stars.

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The question of how far you should reach to build that buzz really has two answers. As far as you can, and as far as you want – within reason.

Reaching out into all of the social networks and bookmarking sites, reaching out to other bloggers, guest blogging and publishing content on every available site on the Internet are one thing. If you want to create a buzz then you need to connect with as many people as possible to help spread the word.

But, What About Ethics?

A few years ago there was a big buzz created when a 104-year old woman joined Twitter. At that time, she was the oldest person ever to join Twitter and the media ate it up. A few days later it was revealed that the woman only joined Twitter because an “unscrupulous” business thought it would be a great advertising gimmick for their company. The media turned on the company, calling it a “self-serving, cynical PR stunt.”

Now you may think this company was unscrupulous in their advertising methods but the woman wasn’t tied to a chair and forced to start Tweeting. We have no idea if she was handsomely rewarded for her efforts or if she did it just for the publicity and fun, but in either case, she went along with the gag willingly.

When creating any kind of a buzz, whether online or off, should we be concerned about ethics? Of course we should, but the definition of ethics is different from marketer to marketer. We each also have our own idea of the type of audience we want to attract and we’re each responsible for our own reputations.

Is it ethical to create a buzz at the expense of another blogger, or even another human being? Again, definitions are relative, but anyone who reports the news for any reason is using another human being’s story to create a buzz.

All that being said, be very careful about the methods you use to build a buzz online. Remember how it makes you feel when you see unscrupulous advertisers exploiting other people to get their name in the news. Remember how you feel each time you hit one of those iffy-looking sales pages.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto, and if your campaign happens to go viral it could reach people all over the world, either building up or tearing down your brand, your image and your reputation forever…

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