Bouncing Visitors: Here Are 7 Possible Explanations

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I always giggle a little when someone mentions “bounce rate.

It reminds me of happy things like bounce houses or Tigger or the bouncing ball over the song lyrics.

But your “bounce rate” isn’t necessarily something to giggle about.

In fact, it’s pretty serious business.

If yours is hovering in the 60 percent range or higher, here are 7 reasons your new visitors might be bouncing, and how you can make them stop.

1. They need a plug-in to see your page

You have about three to four seconds to grab that visitor’s attention before he bounces off your page. If he has to stop and install a plug-in so he can watch your Flash video, he’s not going to do it. If you simply must use content that requires some type of plug-in installation, don’t use it on a landing page. Use it in a regular post, first, and then send the visitor from the post to the landing page.

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2. They need to upgrade their browser to see your page

Conduct regular browser checks to make sure your blog is appearing well in all browsers. These days, there shouldn’t really be any problem. But if there is, readers tend to think you’re being shady or you don’t really know what you’re doing.

3. Your video is on auto-play

Many people surf blogs while they’re at work, sometimes while they’re sitting at their desk right under the bosses nose. If your video starts playing the second they land on your blog they’re going to bounce right off so the boss doesn’t hear it. All your content, including images, should be safe for work so readers don’t have to make a hasty exit to avoid being caught.

4. Your introduction is too long and windy

Get to the point, and do it in the first paragraph. First-time visitors are coming to your blog because they liked your title. When they get there, they’re going to scan your opening paragraph. If it attracts their attention and they see it answers a need, they’ll stick around and read it. If not, they don’t know you, so they’re just going to bounce right back out.

5. You’re Not Being Transparent

Online readers are much more savvy these days. They automatically look to see if you have a Contact page and an About page to show you’re a real blogger with good intentions. If they don’t see those pages, they bounce.

6. Your Blog Is Outdated

Believe it or not, visitors look at date stamps, too. Make sure the date that appears on your blog posts is correct, and not using last year’s date. Also, update the copyright date in your footer.

7. Your Blog Doesn’t Flow

New visitors don’t know you and they don’t know your blog. Consequently, if they can’t find something, it’s no big deal because they haven’t yet learned what they might be missing. Make your blog easy to navigate and remove any clutter that might distract that new visitor while he’s touring your blog.

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  1. Hey Ste’

    Lowering the bounce rate from what I notice is definitely a hot topic right now. These tips that you share will by all means help lower your bounce rate. I work in IT, and I notice how long users stay on a specific website and the reasons why they would leave it all together. You are definitely right on point when it comes to their reasons why they stay and leave.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Adesanmi Adedotun

    There is no doubt about these points,high bouncing rate is something that time should be spent on so as to reduce it but some of the above point are what many bloggers does which I considered not encouraging as you have said and this can be combated putting those points into consideration and work effectively on what we suit our blog readers.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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