Boring Link Post: 7 Ways to Save It

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I can’t tell you how many links posts I’ve seen that are more boring than watching paint dry. More often than not they seem like they’re just a lazy blogger’s solution for getting a post out there quickly so they can take the day off. They put 10 or so links on a page and call it a day. But a links post can actually be quite valuable when done properly because they’re bookmarkable content. Here are seven ways to resuscitate a boring links post and give your visitors something to really sink their teeth into.

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rescucitate boring links post

Focus on one topic

It only makes sense from an SEO perspective to focus your links around one topic. That way, readers who find your list organically will be interested in the entire post, not just one little link. Instead of posting a list of “News from Around the World” focus on one hot topic, for example, “Today’s top 10 news stories about Twitter.

Don’t just point them to a list of links

Believe it or not, most people still don’t like to just randomly click on links, so coming to a page that’s nothing but links isn’t their idea of a good time. Explain why you think they’d enjoy the content you’re linking to and your readers will stick around and start clicking.

Create a list of resources

No matter what niche you’re blogging in you have certain tools and resources you use to make life easier. If you’re blogging in the mommy niche you probably subscribe to magazines that your readers might also enjoy. Or maybe you belong to a coupon club or a shopping club. Don’t be afraid to share your resources with your readers. They’ll appreciate the tips.

Create a list of your favorite blogs

We all visit blogs, for business and entertainment reasons. Share your favorite blogs with your readers. Don’t mix and match your lists, though. Keep business blogs on one list and entertainment blogs on another. And “entertainment” blogs don’t have to be relevant to your niche. Everybody needs a little down time and your readers will learn more about you when you share your personal favorites.

Create a list of your favorite people to follow

Several bloggers I know do regular “Follow Friday” blog posts where they recommend six or eight people to follow on Twitter or Facebook. Again, let your readers know why you’re recommending these people and stay focused on a central theme. For example, one week you could recommend your favorite News bloggers, the next week you could recommend your favorite entertainment bloggers, etc.

Create a new pillar post

If you look through your blog you’ll probably see that over the last few months you’ve written more than a few posts about XYZ topic. A links post is a great way to pull all of those blog posts together and build a nice, strong pillar post. Take the key points from each of those posts and create one comprehensive post that includes links back to the more detailed explanations on the original posts.

Turn your link posts into a regular feature

If you turn your link posts into a regular feature on your blog, instead of just plugging them in whenever you’re too tired to blog, you’ll find yourself getting more and more creative simply because you’re planning ahead. Create a “Links Posts” category and highlight it with a banner in your sidebar. Then come up with something new and fresh every week.

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  1. Interesting blog post. I like the ideas of creating a list of people to follow, I see that as being very productive if used in a reciprocal manner. Creating a new pillar post is a great idea for interlinking within your own blog site. However I agree you can have to many links in a blog post and it just puts people off. Good points. thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment Travelyn. I see blogs with literally over 50 links in each blog post… When the post is 500 words long, it looks like a spamfest. Be careful with that.

  2. Hi Steven, this has got me thinking about doing a link post every now and again. I used to do them but stopped a while back, as they weren’t getting much attention. I think your tips would help to create a really worthwhile post. Thanks for the ideas :)

    1. Hello Ben, link posts are really nice when it come to building your own authority. I’m looking forward for the next list post on your blog ;)

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