Blogging Voice: Change Your Voice For A Fresh Start


Next time you’re struggling with writer’s block, try changing your blogging voice. No, I don’t mean you should blog like Donald Duck or Elmer Fudd, and I don’t mean you should adopt a French accent. You can skip the impersonations and still change your voice.

Write a third-person post: When you write in the first person you use the words “I” and “my“, as in “I like my blog.” When you write in the second person you use the word “You” and “yours“, as in “You should follow this blogging tip.” When you write in the third person, you’re relating a story and you use the words “He” and “his“, as in, “He followed the blogging tip and now his blog is a huge success.

Most bloggers write in either the first or second person. Write in third person and tell your readers a story.

Write a rant: Surely there’s something you’d like to get off your chest. Rant about it for your readers. Everybody enjoys a good rant every now and then. Two words of caution, though: Use this sparingly and always end on a high note so your blog doesn’t turn into a pile of negativity.

Use humor: Granted, I think it’s painfully obvious when bloggers try to write humorous content. And I do mean painful. Unless you’re a comedy writer it’s very difficult to write an entire comedic post. However, if you’ve recently heard a funny turn of phrase, try to come up with a blog post you can use it in. You might be surprised.

Write fiction: No, I don’t mean you should sit down and work on that novel you’ve been planning and I certainly don’t mean you should lie to your readers. But create a fictional scenario that’s relevant to your niche. A “What If” post is ideal for this. What if Google suddenly devalued all incoming links? What would the Internet be like then?

Say it with a cartoon character: You don’t have to be a brilliant artist to draw cartoon characters. Sketch something yourself or visit Fiverr and look for someone who draws chibis and get a cartoon character for your blog. It could be your blog mascot and on those days when you just don’t feel like blogging you could use him to convey a short tip.

Say it like an advice columnist: Everybody listens when those advice columnists speak. Place a question from a fictitious reader at the top of your post and then answer it as if you were an advice columnist. Better yet, use a name and question from one of your real readers, either from your comments or email.

Sometimes the best way to beat writer’s block is just to be somebody else for the day of write something completely unexpected. Change your blogging voice to add a new dimension to your content. And who knows? It might become one of the most popular voices on your blog.

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