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I’ve talked a number of times about networking with other bloggers. You can share tips and give each other a helping hand on those days when you can’t think of anything to blog about. Until you really get into blogging you just don’t realize how huge the Internet is and how many opportunities are out there. Creating partnerships with other bloggers is like creating partnerships in the offline world. The more manpower you have, the more territory you can cover.

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More and more bloggers are seeing the value in creating blogging networks to help promote each other’s blogs. But blogging partnerships go a bit further. Sometimes known as “joint ventures”, you’re actually relying on each other to perform specific tasks that will benefit both blogs. In other words, you no longer look on it as a favor or something you’ll do if and when you have time. Now it’s a your responsibility.

Choose Your Partners Wisely

Internet marketing forums are filled with bloggers looking for someone who wants to join in a JV or form a partnership. Some of them are as basic as sending out an email blast to promote each other’s blog. But when you’re looking for a real business partnership you don’t want to just join forces with someone you don’t even know.

It makes much better business sense to join with someone who’s blogging in a relevant niche and preferably someone who also has a successful blog so look around at your competitors, other blogs you visit regularly, and don’t overlook the members of your blogging network.

Clearly Define Your Goals

You should already have some idea of your business proposal before you start approaching other bloggers. After all, you’re going to need to be able to tell them how they’ll benefit, too. What do you hope to achieve for your business, what do you need from the other blogger, and how will this benefit his business, as well?

You’ll make an even better impression if you’ve already done all the legwork and mapped out a workable plan. Of course, when you start talking to other bloggers your plan may change with their input, but you’ll be letting them know you’re looking at this as a business partnership and you’re seriously prepared to move forward as soon as you find a partner.

Once you’ve found the blogger you want to partner with you both need to clearly define your goals and your plan for achieving those goals.

Clearly Determine Responsibilities For All Parties Involved

Leave nothing to chance. List every single task that will need to be accomplished and designate who handles what. Every blogger has a different schedule, a different outlook on business and a different lifestyle so you can never “assume” something’s going to get done – you have to make sure it does. The only way to do that is to assign responsibilities and time frames.

Clearly Define How Each Person Benefits

If you’re goal is to increase sales of a product then you need to clearly state how sales will be counted, who payments will be handled and exactly how profits will be split. After all, if this is a successful blogging partnership, you don’t want it to end because of a disagreement that could have been prevented with proper planning.

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