Blogging Mastermind Group Start: Here Is How

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After hearing about the list of reasons you need to join a blogging mastermind group, you’re probably ready to go and get started on that. However, if you don’t already know someone running such a group, and you haven’t been invited to one, you might not have any idea where to start. The best and simplest solution is to start your own – it’s easy!

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Find Your People

First, you need to find the people you want to invite. This should be easy enough, as you’ve probably already got a lot of blogging friends. Look for people who are in approximately the same traffic brackets that you are, and at the same level of progress. You might want to contact people a little newer than you and people a little more experience than you, as well, just for some diversity. Don’t expect everyone to respond positively, but you will probably have a high success rate.

A decent sized group to start with is fifteen or twenty bloggers, total. That’s actually a little on the large side, so if your list is smaller than that, don’t despair.

After you’ve compiled your list, start contacting people. Just send them a short email saying something similar to:


My name is (Your_Name) and I blog at (Your_Blog). I’m contacting you because I’m putting together a blogging mastermind and accountability group, and I thought you might like to join. It won’t be a huge time commitment – we’ll simply be sharing our goals and progress, and working to help keep each other motivated. Please let me know if you’re interested!



Details, Details, Details

Now that you’ve got some positive responses to your initial round of email, you need to figure out some of the details. How often will the group meet? Will you be meeting over Skype or some kind of chat – and if you meet over chat, where at?

Or, instead of having actual meetings, will members just post their goals once a week, with updates on last week’s goals?

Figure all of these things out, and run it by the rest of the group to see what they think. A happy middle ground should be easily reached, and once the details have been worked out, stick to them.

Managing the Group

Now that you have your group and the meeting details worked out, figure out where the group will be hosted. Here’s a few options:

  • Facebook groups. These are a good option because nearly everyone is on Facebook and they’re easily made private.
  • Google groups. These work well as they email each member whenever another member posts something, and messages can be stored in threads. The downside is that if some members don’t have Gmail, it might not work as well for them.
  • Springpad, Google Docs, or Evernote. These groups work well for shared documents. They can be a good way to keep track of details, like what members blog where, or who’s launching what product when. Documents can be shared in Google Docs, and notebooks can be shared in Springpad.

And you’re done! With a small amount of work, you’ve created a powerful tool for motivation and accountability – perhaps one of the most powerful tools for motivation and accountability there is, a group of like minded people.

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  1. Mark Brooks

    This is a great idea! Sign me up!

    I have two sites that I would love to share my goals on!

  2. Graham Lutz

    Are there any sites that link people up in mastermind groups? Like a “dating site” for like minded people?

    1. Mark Brooks

      I would try either linkdin or the new site called

    2. I never heard of any site like that… If you find any, please let me know so I can share it with other readers :)

      If you don’t find any site, maybe here is a good idea that someone could develop…

    3. Graham Lutz

      That’s what I was just thinking! I would be helpful to have a mastermind group to bounce ideas off of though…:)

  3. Ryan Eagle

    This is a great idea. Nice post!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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