Blogging Legal Risks: Be Watchful When Blogging

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Blogging can be fun and lucrative if done correctly, but it’s definitely not all fun and games. In fact, if you’re not careful, you could get into some legal trouble along the way. There are a number of legal risks that you have to look out for when engaging in blogging. Here are a few risks to watch out for in this area.

legal risks to be watchful for when blogging

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Using Copyrighted Images

When blogging, it is common to include an image that relates to your post. This helps break up the monotony of the written words and it can grab the interest of your readers. However, if you use images that are copyrighted, you could get in trouble. When choosing an image for a blog post, you need to make sure that it is licensed under the creative commons license. If it’s not licensed for reuse, you could be sued by the owner of the image at some point.


If you regularly write opinionated posts on your blogs, you may find yourself at risk of slandering another individual. While you have the right to free speech, you could be sued by someone who doesn’t like what you have to say about them. If the other person can prove that you hurt their reputation or their level of income somehow, they could have a case against you. This is rare, but it has been known to happen in the blogging world.

Plagiarized Content

Like the risk that comes with using copper red images, you also have to worry about the risk of including copyrighted content on your blog. If you rely on other people to contribute content for your blog, you run the risk of having something that is plagiarized. Even if you don’t intentionally mean to plagiarized something, there is a chance that it could be much like something else that is already written online. Because of this, you should consider running your content through a plagiarism checker like Copyscape or Dupecop before you post it. This way, you can be sure that you won’t get into trouble for plagiarizing someone else’s content that is posted online.

Trademark Infringement

In some cases, you might get in trouble for trademark infringement. For example, if you include a picture of someone else’s trademark or logo, they could sue you for infringement. Even if you include the image as part of a promotional piece on your site, the company that owns the trademark could still sue you.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to be mindful of to avoid legal issues in relation to your blog. Fortunately, now that you’re aware of the risks, the odds are much less that you’ll accidentally stumble into any of these issues. If you have other bloggers that contribute to your website, be sure that they, too, are aware of the legal risks to be watchful for when blogging. If everyone is on the same page, there is very little room left for error.

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