Blogger vs Shiny Object Syndrome: Missed Opportunity

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A few weeks ago, I launched a Review Contest in preparation for Dukeo’s second anniversary. The idea is extremely simple: you write a review of Dukeo on your own blog, follow a few rules, and you’re automatically entered to win a $200 cash prize.

To read the full details and participate, click here.

This contest is an opportunity for me to give back to the community by awarding some cash prizes to some bloggers who might need it. At the same time, I find it very interesting to evaluate how people are reacting to this contest.

The contest is ending in 48 hours. This is your last chance!

review my blog win 200

At the time of writing this post, I have published 5 posts related to this contest: the contest announcement, a controversial post to entice people to participate, and 3 recaps of the contest entries.

  • The contest post has received a total of 68 comments to date.
  • 26 of these comments are from people who are “going to write a review”.
  • 6 of these people actually wrote a review.

I think it gives a pretty good idea of why most people fail online: people get excited… then they get excited about something else, and they forget.

This shiny object syndrome is a well-known phenomenon for people who’ve been working online for many years, but I think it’s the first time that I’m able to observe it by myself so obviously.

Over 75% of the people who were super excited about this contest (and who had a chance to win an easy $200), didn’t do the 10 minutes of writing that’s needed to get entered in the contest.

Don’t get me wrong, I just feel sorry for these people.

But actually, it may be your chance…

What are you doing in the next 10 minutes?

Write a short 200 words review of Dukeo, and it can convert into $200 directly in your pocket!

If you want a chance to win $200, some link love as well as some exposure for your own blog, write your review now! (only 48 Hours left)

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  1. George From Seekdefo

    So it is called the shiny object syndrome. Its sad to see that it happens so often

    1. I agree with you, it’s quite sad. But it means that the market is more open for anyone who is willing to take action :)

  2. William Patton

    I can’t believe that less than 10% of people who said they would enter actually did!

    I think we should use that as a benchmark and test again see if we can replicate the results haha 10% conversion is fairly high in some respects… lol

    1. Unfortunately, that’s the result… And once the contest will be over, the same people will probably be crying for me to extend the contest for 24 more hours because they really didn’t have time to write it… But they were spending their days on Twitter and Facebook.

  3. William Patton

    haha yeah I had a bit of an issue ‘finding time’ away from… playing video games… to publish mine lol But I said I would write a review and I done it. It’s given opened up some new posting opportunities for me on the site to help bulk out my content creation calender and overall it’s been a beneficial experience in general for me as a blogger. I can’t understand why more people haven’t taken you up on the competition!

    But I think this is such a shame for a second reason as well. Blogging ethics are much overlooked these days and it’s a topic that gets covered in a lot of your blogging advice posts. On a site where blogging ethics is a topic of discussion people don’t follow through with something they say they will do. Following through with what you set out to do is a blogging ethic in it’s self!

    1. Hey don’t take it personally William, I didn’t know you were busy playing video games ;)

      To be honest, I was expecting even less people to participate in this contest. I spent a lot of time online already, and I knew that participation level is usually very low for this kind of competition.

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