Blog Survival: How To Blog Without Killing Yourself

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Blog Survival: How To Blog Without Killing Yourself
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Blogging can be a full-time job if you want to have a successful site. This is especially true in the beginning. You have to work hard to produce quality content, build up traffic and convert your visitors into subscribers. Creating a successful blog does not simply happen overnight. That being said, you do not want to work so hard that you take the fun out of it. There are ways to blog without killing yourself in the process. You simply have to determine how to do it and work it the right way and you will find that building and maintaining a successful blog can be equal parts fun and work.

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Like any job that you would have, it is important that you have a schedule for your blogging work. If you find yourself working on it every hour that you are awake then you will quickly burn out. It is hard to implement and stick to a schedule in the beginning, but once you are accustomed to it you will find it to be very beneficial. Allot yourself specific work hours that you devote to developing content, marketing and interacting with readers. When it is not your work time then simply walk away from the blog and find something else to do.

One way to truly stick to a schedule is to pre-plan and pre-write your posts. If you start the month with a list of topics and work on them to produce posts as the ideas flow then you will have much less of your time devoted to content. This will give you the opportunity to spend a large portion of time replying to comments, marketing your blog and working on the actual business you have set up behind your blog. It also keeps you on track and ensures that your posts stay on topic.

Sticking to your plan and your topic can be difficult, but you will find that if you focus on that goal the writing part of blogging becomes much simpler. Since creating content is the largest portion of time you generally spend on your blog, this frees up much of your energy to work on other things. There are more benefits than simply reducing the time it takes to write. When you stay focused you will find that it is easier to attract and maintain subscribers. They are aware of what to expect and they know that your blog will meet their needs for information.

Blogging is something that you likely started because you enjoy it. The goal of making money at it is always secondary. Ensuring that you do not kill yourself with the work and take the fun out of it is the one way to guarantee that you keep plugging away and building your success. You will find that when you enjoy it and do it for the right reasons, the money starts to flow in naturally. So you have essentially taken care of two things by creating a schedule. You have given yourself more free time and you have worked on improving your income at the same time.

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  1. Olof

    Sometimes even when you set up a schedule depending on what you are working on you could be spending a lot of time working on your blog. I´m a stay at home mother of 2 with another one on the way. I´ve been slowly starting to blog again after my day job had taken over my life. Now I have quit working and I´m back at home with my kids so I plan on blogging again. I have used my blog in the past to support my yarn addiction but now I don´t knit as much as I use to. I´m now converting my blog to a knit/environmentally friendly/sustainability blog. Hoping that with this blog I can now get the extremely expensive products that I would like for free with product reviews and giveaways. I spend a good portion of my day online finding the products I would like to review and sending out requests. Then there is the part about taking the good photos, writing the post and editing it so that it is worthy of my blog. With being a stay at home with 2 young kids there is not Schedule that I can set up and really stick to. It’s all about when is it convenient for me and my children.

    1. Joseph

      It seems kind of tricky having in mind you have some little kids to take care of. I would then prefer you atleast commit yourself to taking some time a day where possible to handle your blog. I guess through fixing this to your daily chores you’ll slowly find out that’s there’s trend you’ll following and be able to transform it to a schedule.

  2. David

    Hi Michael. I must say that I am one of those who is now finding myself in front of the computer for long hours.

    I know that I need to start taking it easy. My wrist and even my eyes hurt sometimes.

    I take a three hour intensive language course in the morning – aside from that I am working online on my businesses.

    I guess I’m one of those who needs to learn how to reassign his time better.

  3. Michelle

    Hi Mr Steven. Love the post. I think that many people find themselves sucking the fun out of being a blogger. It really starts off run, but then you think money, and start pumping out posts, just for the sake of it. That’s totally the wrong approach.

    1. Keep it fun, keep it fresh!

      This is the only way to go :)

  4. Since earning a living on the internet began for me, it’s true; my health has been slacking. I have to focus on what I eat, my nutritional supplements, make sure I get enough rest – it’s actually hard to not do JUST ONE MORE THING before you finally go to sleep. LOL

    I also work nights doing office cleaning, so I really don’t get enough sleep. You are right, scheduling is so easy to throw out the window, and yet it is one of the most important things we can do for our health.

    1. Joseph

      I know this article will change your life. The time you start sleeping enough and having a great time away of the screen, it’s the time you would look back and say, yeah! Steven knew it! A schedule is only way to go -:)

  5. Joseph

    This is quite true. Pre-planning and pre-writing your posts is a actually a great way to keep up with your schedule. Am not very much into blogging as I am into web development where we use time tracking to make sure you don’t kill yourself in front of your machine, I think this should also apply to bloging and the coolest way to time track here is by keeping yourself attached to a right schedule just like Steven puts it here.

  6. I definitely need to get better at following a consistent schedule. I find it’s really easy to get distracted trying to figure out, and take care of all the non writing stuff. There is such a learning curve which is eating up lots of my time.

    1. Joseph

      Yep Mike. This will be a great move and I know it will work so well. I have so far visited your blog and I know that following Steven’s articles and great thoughts here will take your blog to great heights.

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