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Dukeo » Blogging » Blog Reinvention: 9 Ways To Start Fresh

Blog Reinvention: 9 Ways To Start Fresh

Steven Sep 1, 2015 One response Blogging
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There comes a time when everybody gets bored with their blog, and that’s usually the time they rush to their favorite registrar and pick out a few domain names.

What they fail to realize is that it’s going to take just as much work to start a new blog as it did to start the old one.

Next time you’re bored, instead of starting another blog, maybe all you need to do is reinvent the old one.

1. Add a new category

No matter what you’re blogging about there’s probably at least one more category you can add.

You’ll have something new and exciting to write about and you’ll be addressing a broader audience, bringing in new traffic.

2. Change your posting schedule

Maybe you’re bored because you’re running out of ideas.

The problem could be your posting schedule.

If you’re posting short articles every day, or multiple times a day, consider posting once a day and expanding those articles with more information.

3. Focus on images

Take some time to find some fresh, new images for your blog.

The free images you find at Wikimedia are OK, but they’re sometimes pretty boring.

Look for some more unique images at FreeDigitalImages and PublicDomainPictures.

4. Change your theme

While I wouldn’t suggest frequent theme changes, there’s nothing wrong with changing your theme every now and then.

It’s not only a nice change for you, but it might even help increase subscriptions.

5. Tweak your design

Maybe you don’t need to change the whole theme.

Take a look at some of your individual design elements.

Put an opt-in form in your sidebar and create a new freebie to give away to subscribers.

Get rid of non-performing ads and look for some direct advertisers.

Change your sharing or follow buttons.

Pick one aspect of your design, change it, and then promote it in a blog post.

6. Reinvent your content

If you’ve always shied away from making videos, now’s the time to start and they’ll work in any niche.

How-To videos are always popular, but think outside the box.

Instead of writing that book review, do a video review.

Some of the most popular videos are simple ideas like “What’s on your desk today?” or “What’s in your purse?”

7. Add a Guest Blogger

But don’t just put up a page asking for guest blog posts.

Actively pursue popular bloggers and ask them for a guest post submission.

They need those incoming links, too, and the simple act of searching and then snaring that A-list blogger will add excitement to your blogging day.

Not to mention the affect it’ll have on your readers.

8. Write something outside the norm

If you’re normally a tame, compassionate blogger, step outside your comfort zone and write something controversial.

Write from your dog’s point of view for the day.

Use a thesaurus and add some new words to your vocabulary.

9. Create a “weekly” post

Some bloggers use Friday as a Mash-Up day to list their favorite posts from other blogs they read that week.

Other bloggers do a Wacky Wednesday post or a Terrible Tuesday post.

Pick one day a week – or all five – and start a “weekly” post.

It doesn’t matter if they’re long or short as long as you stick to the schedule.

You’ll have fun doing it and it helps boost subscriptions, too.

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One Comment

  1. marty

    As a person who just redid thier blog I agree with you sometimes you can just change or retweek one aspect to make it more interesting for you and the reader

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