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Writing a title can be one of the hardest parts of blogging. You have been told repeatedly how important this title is when it comes to grabbing readers and you want to make sure that it is effective. The problem is that readers are not your only concern. Every time you have to create a title you are writing for three people: you are writing for yourself, you are writing for your audience and you are writing for search engines. That can make it difficult to select the best title and make you feel quite pressured. There are a few tips that you will learn help alleviate your worries.

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write a good blog post title

  1. Utilize keywords: When you write a title you are essentially writing for both your audience and the search engines. You want to place well in search engine results and that means having things just right. Keywords is the best way to take advantage of the search engines without losing much of the creativity you need in a title. Think about your post, what it relates to and what words would best describe it. Then find popular keywords that fit and use them naturally in your title.
  2. Be creative and catchy: You want to capture attention. Imagine that your reader saw only your title on the search engine results. Would they want to visit your page? Is there a benefit to following through with the story? It is important that you immediately grab them and draw them into the website.
  3. Leave a question: A good title is a preview to the article that does not tell everything. Your reader should have a question after reading your title that only the blog post can answer. This is the quickest way to ensure that they go beyond the title and read the full post. Think of what you want to say and how you can summarize it while still leaving doubts and questions in the reader’s mind.
  4. Give an idea of what the post is about: As mentioned, your title is a preview. This means that even though you have left your reader hanging you should still have given them a good idea about the content of the article. They may not know exactly what they will find, but they should know that when they read it will be in relation to what the title said. This small preview lets them know if the topic of the article is one that will interest them or not.

Writing titles can seem daunting to many people. Being able to incorporate the ability to write for the audience and the search engine at the same time often makes it difficult. That does not mean it has to be impossible. If you follow these tips you will find that your titles are better than they have been before. You will also find that writing them gets easier and easier the more you do it. Before long you have mastered titles and others will be looking to you for advice.

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  1. Nice tips :)

  2. Paul Salmon

    Writing a good title is very important, not only to attract readers but also to rank well in search engines. Unfortunately, I am probably like a lot of people in that I don’t have a good ability at writing good, reader-catching titles for my posts.

    I’m hoping that the more titles I have to right for my blog, the easier it will be to write an attractive title.

  3. Hi Steven, great article! I’ve been meaning to focus more energy on my topic titles. I think what I’m going to start doing is using Google t rends to see what people are searching and then I’ll use Google Tools to figure out different ways to say the same thing. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all aspects that help with success but getting good titles is something I have to start working on harder.

  4. Santosh Mishra

    Writing a good post title is important, because unless you write a calculative post tile, Google may not crawl your post to its main pages. SEO is important even if you are going to write a title.

  5. Sara

    very nice

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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