Blog Planning: Plan Your Blog Posts For The Upcoming Week

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Today, let’s do something for your blog: plan a posting schedule for next week. As the saying goes, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right” and if you’re trying to grow your blogging business you can’t just blog about the first thing that pops into your head. Building any kind of business takes careful planning, every step of the way.

1 – 6 Reasons Why You Need To Plan Your Posts

1a – Beat Blogger’s Block

It doesn’t take long. Sooner or later every blogger comes up against Blogger’s Block, those times when you can’t think of anything to blog about. Having your posts planned out for the next week or month means you’ll always know what you’re going to blog about the minute you sit down at your desk.

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1b – Provide More Variety

I’ve caught myself blogging about the same general topic for sometimes weeks at a time. When you plan your posts it’s easier to see where the holes are in your content so you can provide more variety for your readers.

1c – Provide More Value

Planning your posts also lets you see what’s coming up in the future and, if you keep your old schedules, what you posted in the past. You can write a post that leads into a future post or springboards off an older post. Anytime you can lead your reader to additional relevant content you’re giving him more value.

1d – Increase Page Views

Leading the reader to additional relevant content also increases your page views. If you’re selling direct ad space, those additional page views make your blog more attractive to advertisers.

1e – Increase Stickiness

Plan a series of posts, like this 31 Day project, and watch reader engagement and subscriptions grow.

1f – Improve SEO

While internal links don’t count as much as incoming links, the search engines do give them some value and all those links will help improve your search engine authority.

2 – Build Your Blog Faster With A Posting Schedule

One of the key benefits of a posting schedule is increased productivity. If you always know what you’re going to blog about you don’t lose time trying to come up with a topic. That means you can produce more content, consistently.

Posting frequently and consistently helps increase your traffic faster. Each new post is another link on the search engine index, another avenue for readers to find your blog. The more posts you have, the more avenues there are, and the faster readers will find your blog.

The more visitors you get to your blog the more opportunities you have for sharing, which leads to other bloggers linking to your content. Those incoming links help improve your page rank, and that means your posts appear higher on the index – which means even more traffic.

So, the best thing you can do for your blogging business is to plan your next week’s posting schedule. Isn’t that a coincidence? That’s exactly what this article is about!

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