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It has always been my contention that it doesn’t matter how much traffic your blog gets, what matters most is what you do with that traffic. If you know how to leverage your blog it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get. The key to making money with any blog lies in the quality of the traffic you attract. That’s it in a nutshell. I have a friend who’s a freelance writer so we’ll use his blog as an example.

This writer uses his blog to host writing examples, his contact form, and a list of services he provides. He only publishes a few blog posts a month and he only gets a few hundred visitors a month – if that. He also publishes content at several off-blog locations, on a variety of topics, and links back to his blog, letting readers know that if they need a writer they can follow his link.

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The only ads on his blog are ads for his own services and they lead to his own sales pages. There are no comments, very few likes and shares, and no other signs of social proof. It’s a nice looking blog but it has none of the obvious signs that make it look like it’s making any money.

Yet, even though he may only get 10 page views a day, nearly all of the people who visit this blog are coming there because they’re interested in outsourcing their content and they’re looking for a freelance writer. This blog is set up to capture leads and that’s exactly what it does.

You can do so much more with your blog than just earn a few affiliate commissions but it all depends on the type of traffic you attract. But it’s only when you stop focusing on numbers and start focusing on quality that you’ll understand the difference.

This writer could be publishing a blog post every day about writing tips and SEO and article marketing, but why bother? It takes time to write those blog posts and yes, they do attract a lot of traffic. But the traffic is all coming to the blog looking for writing tips and SEO tips and article marketing tips – so they can do their own writing. They’re not looking for a freelance writer.

This writer could also blog about a wide variety of topics to show people his versatility as a writer. But that, too, would be a waste of time. The blog would never rank well enough for people to find it. Instead, he chooses to publish this variety of content on higher ranking websites where he knows it will be seen and he uses his resource boxes or bylines to let readers know about his writing business.

So how do YOU leverage YOUR blog?

  • Decide exactly what it is you want to promote: This must be your first goal. Anyone can attract a large number of visitors but it’s worthless if it’s not targeted.
  • Publish content relevant to the traffic you want: Forget about attracting every Tom, Dick and Harry. If you only want to attract people who would be interested in paying for your writing services, then why bother publishing writing tips? Publish blog posts that talk about the benefits of outsourcing your content. Yes, fewer people will be interested and you’ll have a lot less traffic, but the traffic you do have will be more likely to convert.
  • Go off you blog to promote: Find other higher ranking blogs, websites, and publishing venues that get the type of traffic you want and publish your content there, with a link back to your own blog.

Once you understand that when you leverage your blog you really can control the quality of your traffic and you really can attract exactly the traffic you want, you’ll want to kick yourself for wasting all that time trying to drag in thousands of visitors a day. You don’t need it. You don’t need to focus on numbers at all.

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  1. I like it. Focus!

    1. Thanks

  2. Dr. Erica Goodstone


    What a great post. You have given me something to really think about. My goal has been to continue to post valuable information about creating loving relationships (on my main blog) and remaining healthy as we age on my other blog site. Yes, I want people to be my private clients. Yes I want them to attend my webinars and events. And I really like sharing content and receiving comments. That provides a pulse, a feeling about what is really going on with the average person, not just the people who come to me directly for counseling.

    But in terms of monetizing, you have brought up a different way of looking at the situation and maybe a different focus. I have to sit with your ideas for awhile and mull them over.

    Thanks for a great post.


    Dr. Erica

    1. Thanks a lot for these words Erica. I really put a lot of effort into my content and it’s really a blessing when at least one person tells me that it made them question the subject.

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