Blog Comments Impression: How Are You Perceived?

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I know a lot of bloggers who never monitor their comments. They just let anyone through. I even know a few bloggers who don’t allow comments at all, but that’s fodder for another post. I honestly couldn’t understand how these guys could do that, just letting all those comments through like that. I do now, and I’ll get into that in a minute. But let’s take a look at why you should try to make a good impression with your blog’s comments.

better blog commenting

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I read a wide variety of blogs and I enjoy leaving comments. However, I really hate trolls and flamers, and I really, really, REALLY hate drama queens. These are personal weaknesses that I’ve come to recognize and I realize not everyone feels the same way I do. But these little idiosyncrasies keep me from commenting on a few of the blogs I visit.

Personally, I look at my blog as a gathering place, like my living room or dining room table. My visitors are my guests and, as a good hostess, I’m concerned about their comfort. I want everyone who visits my blog to feel warm and welcome and secure.

To ensure that feeling of goodness and light, I strictly monitor my blog comments. I don’t like to see one commentor making fun of another or calling them out for something in public. It’s just not right. I wouldn’t allow it in my home and I don’t allow it on my blog. I know I don’t comment on blogs that have lots of hate and bullying going on and I don’t expect my readers to, either.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. If a new visitor comes to your blog and really likes what they see, they’re going to be tempted to leave a comment. But it’s human nature to look at the comments that are already there, first. And when they see that you have bullies and trolls in the mix, they’re going to leave without joining in because nobody wants to purposely step into the path of a bully.

Now, I do write for one blog that has open comments with no moderation and I can tell you – you need to have very thick skin to participate. And you really need to know what you’re talking about. But when I publish on this blog I get more comments than I’ve had anywhere else in my blogging career.

Would this work on every blog? Probably. There are lots of mean, angry people in the world and when they can find a place to congregate they take advantage of it.

Would you want this on your blog? That’s up to you. Personally, I don’t. I’m the kind of person who always cheers for the underdog and when I see someone getting picked on in the comments then I start worrying about how they feel. And trust me, I have enough on my plate.

Just understand this: Once you turn your comments over to the haters you’ll never get those nice commentors back and your blog will have the reputation of being a hangout for flamers and trolls. But hey… as long you’re OK with that and you can monetize the traffic, haters and trolls are people, too.

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  1. Inside My Rocket

    I totally agree. I don’t see why you shouldn’t allow comments on a blog. And when you do you should moderate vigourisly.

    One thing that made me curious though is the blog you mention with no moderation. Would you mind sharing the link?


    1. I won’t share the blog which doesn’t have moderation because it will just push spammers their way.

  2. Jsncruz

    I completely agree with you. I’m very fortunate to have no hateful or angry comments in my own blog, but I see them on a daily basis. In my country (the Philippines), there’s far too many people who are quick to jump the gun on criticism – without even checking the article, on occasion. Observing news blogs and discussion boards will prove this. The mouth (in this case, the fingers) are much faster than the mind, sadly.

    1. Hey Jsncruz, I love Philippines and I go there from time to time ;) The criticism thing is not exclusive to your country. You probably just see it more there because you visit more websites owned by your fellow Filipinos.

  3. Melody

    I love this!! I understand all of this. It’s very easy for a blog to turn into a place with flamers and people who write rough-handed comments to sound cool. I have seen it happen in a couple of blogs and sites that I read. At times, I’ve struggled with moderating my own site.

    What I have noticed is that this often does not become a problem until a blog (or other social media forum type site) reaches some tipping point: You have to have a fairly busy site it seems. It’s like as if you cannot have too many people playing in one sandbox. Someone will start slinging mud. That’s what I’ve noticed. A site that only gets a very small number of comments is just less likely to have the mudslinging.

    My two cents.

    1. Thanks for your comment Melody. I think the issue is that when your blog reaches a certain level of success, you will ALWAYS attract some haters and jealous people.

      However, don’t forget that it’s YOUR blog.

      If it’s getting out of hands, you don’t have to approve the negative comments, you can simply delete them.

      And if the person keeps posting negative things, you can send them an email to tell them to stop or they’ll get banned from your blog altogether.

      At last, in case they don’t stop, simply ban their IP address. It will make your life easier.

  4. Jsncruz

    Hi Steven, thanks for the reply. Yes, you have a point there. It’s pretty bad though…

    Let me know when you next visit, it would be good to connect in real life :)

    1. You’re welcome! Criticism is part of the way to success… You need to grow a thicker skin to be able to handle the critics when you reach the A-list level.

      Sure, I’ll let you know. I usually come for the beach in Boracay and I might visit Palawan next time, but I can always make a 24h stop in the city to meet some fellow bloggers and marketers. ;)

  5. Tech Raft

    Beside comment controlling and ethics, I am now a days facing a problem of commenting system on my wordpress based blog. Do you have any suggestions to that. I am more convinced on ‘disqus’ but still confused.


    1. I use the basic WordPress comments and I’m very happy with that.

  6. Tech Raft

    Hmmm. Just a last thing to bug you sorry for that. Actually before I start on with my blog, I want to decide on the comment system. So should I start with a simple one, I am just worried about the moderation thingi. As most of the time I found random comments are coming up :)
    Thanks a lot

    1. For moderation, I use a combination of Akismet and G.A.S.P.

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