Blog Burnout: What If I am Not Motivated To Post Anymore?

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Having trouble cranking out a blog post every day? Yeah. It happens to the best of us. The best way to get your mojo back is to figure out why you lost it. Here are some reasons bloggers lose their motivation and what you can do to get it back.

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You’re not really interested in the topic anymore

Now you know why it’s so important to choose a topic you that really trips your trigger. You’re going to have to write about it every day for a very, very long time!

But maybe you did choose a topic you really love. Maybe the reason you’re not really interested is because you’re not digging deep enough to provide interesting content. It’s easy to get in a rut and just do nothing but relay information to your readers but we all know how boring it is to read an encyclopedia and try to summarize the Roman Empire.

Are you digging into your topic and giving your readers your own interesting viewpoint? Are you telling them about gladiators and wars and romances, or are you just asking them to memorize dates? Maybe you haven’t lost interest in your topic. Maybe you’re just not blogging about the interesting stuff.

You can’t come up with anything new to say

Maybe you did choose the wrong topic if you’ve run out of things to say. There are topics out there where there’s just not much to say. However, you already have some pretty good content, why not put it to use?

What similar topic can you blog about that might interest your current readers and attract some new ones? For example, if you’re blogging about string theory and you’ve run out of things to say, maybe you could add a category and start blogging about that TV show, “The Big Bang Theory.” That would give you something fun and interesting to blog about along with the string theory content you already have.

If possible, don’t abandon your existing blog unless it’s just really a dud. Do something to shake it up. Sometimes you can choose a niche that’s too narrow and all it takes to be a success is to add in a broader topic.

You’re itching to start a new project

Go ahead and start that new project if that’s what’s keeping you down. But here’s the best way to handle it: Plan ahead. Carve out a specific block of time every day to work on your new blog or project. That way you’ll be involved in something new and exciting but you won’t be neglecting your existing blog.

You’re not making any money

This is the main reason bloggers lose motivation and a lot of it has to do with unrealistic expectations. It takes at least six months before you’ll start seeing steady traffic and maybe a few months more before you start seeing consistent money. But that will only happen if you keep blogging frequently and consistently.

If you’ve already been at it a year or more and you’re still not making money, then chances are you’re doing something wrong. Take a break from your computer for a day or two and come back with a fresh perspective. Then take a good hard look at your blog.

It may be you chose a bad domain name. Maybe you don’t understand keywords and targeting. There could be dozens of reasons your blog isn’t successful and most of them are just due to the fact that this is your first blog. But if you look at your blog with an eye toward either solving the problem or starting a new blog you’ll fell more motivated to keep blogging.

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  1. Hi Steven this is such a great topic. I’ve been online doing this since 2007 and when I first started I had an SEO and Marketing blog. I loved it at first but over time I didn’t enjoy the site or the content I was writing about. Thankfully I was able to create blog engage and not the blog for that community allows me to blog on so many subjects. I still get down once in a while and have a hard time to write but one thing I’ve recently decided is I don’t need to blog every day. From now on I’m posting maybe 3 times a week and it’s already bring more attention to my articles. Who knew blogging everyday could be a bad thing.

  2. Wade

    I think if this is the case, then you probably will want to visit Flippa! lol! If your mind is elsewhere then your content suffers, therefore you lose the integrity of your blog.

  3. I am not even sure the 6th month rule is right for making money on a blog. I think if you’re in a niche that Google doesn’t like to rank then you might have trouble getting traffic no matter what. Especially with the new Google updates trying to filter out low quality sites.

  4. Jose Hc

    I would say I am motivated but it still places low on the priority list vs. family and work (I don’t blog for a living)…

    But I do realize it still goes back to movitation. If I was motivated I sacrifice something else, right?
    Perhaps sleep… food… personal grooming…

    Need to focus…

  5. Rebekah

    Fantastic tips,you really helped solve the mystery behind loosing interest in writing.

  6. Anne

    I don’t blog to get money directly, but to build my reputation. I have specific topics I blog about but I don’t blog for my audience all the time. Sometimes I blog to learn about new things that are important in my industry and sometimes I engage with readers in comments. If I have other projects or need to spend more time with family I try to blog at least once every two weeks. I also use some articles I put on with my personal comments in my WordPress blog.

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