Bing Ads: How Does It Stack Up Against AdWords?

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Perhaps the most widely known pay per click (PPC) network out there is Google’s AdWords. There are lots of smaller competitors out there, with one of the closest rivals being Bing Ads.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google AdWords, or you’re just looking for another network on which to run your ads on for even greater exposure, make sure you read this article fully so that you know what to expect with Bing Ads.

Look, feel and cost

The look and feel of Bing Ads isn’t a million miles from the look and feel of other PPC networks. You’ve got the option to have your adverts plastered across the display network or the search network, or both.

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Look and feel wise, anyone who’s ever setup a PPC campaign should be able to get started with relatively little hassle.

In terms of cost there are no straightforward comparison tables to see how Bing Ads stack up against Google AdWords. That said due to the smaller reach that Bing Ads has, the CPC on popular keywords tend to be a bit lower than on Google AdWords – this doesn’t hold true for all keywords though.

Traffic from Bing Ads in some niches has been described as more responsive than traffic from AdWords, but again it’d be impossible to prove or disprove this claim without doing some serious tests and analysis.

The main difference between Bing Ads and AdWords as we’ve already said is the reach – Google is the most used search engine in the world, which means it has a far greater reach.

Migrating to Bing Ads

One of the best things about Bing Ads is that you can import an entire Google AdWords campaign at the click of a button.

This is a really handy feature – it means that your PPC campaigns get a lot more attention because they’re being run over two networks, but you only have to set one campaign up which can then be cloned.

Of course there are probably minor things that you will want to change once you migrate your campaign to Bing Ads, especially the bid price per keyword, but by and large the import tool is a real time saver.

Another thing to bear in mind is that Bing often give away up to $300 of free advertising – they run these promotional campaigns regularly.

This amount of credit is a great way to test some ads to see how well they convert before you start using your own money.

Bing Ads is a great PPC network – it’s probably not at the same level of AdWords because of the sheer reach that AdWords has.

That said it’s a good network to use in tandem with AdWords to get maximum exposure for your website.

Finding a PPC network that can send high quality traffic to your website is not easy – so it’s good to know that Bing Ads is a real alternative to AdWords should you ever choose to switch.

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  1. Mike

    The only issue with Bing is you don’t get as many clicks as you do from Google. However, for my business, the conversion rates were higher with Bing.

    1. The available traffic on Bing Ads is lower than Google Adwords in terms of quantity, but in some niches, it will be a lot easier to convert.

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