Be Personal: Your Blog Readers Will Relate To You


This aspect of blogging is often overlooked by people who are just starting their project. The way the internet is build allows you to have a feeling of anonimity which could allow you to say anything about anyone. But don’t get tricked, there are some downsides to keeping secrets about yourself.

You have certainly noticed that my real name is written under each blog post that I publish. And you may even have read yet my short biography available on my about page. I’m not really a secret person, but I like to keep control on my online presence. For example, after deleting my account from some major websites, I’ve been emailing them on a regular basis to get the pages including my name de-indexed (There is a tool for that).

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Dukeo is the first blog on which I disclose my real name. First of all, it’s because I’m really involved in this project, and if people google my name, I’d like them to find this website. But don’t be fooled, this is clearly not the only reason for this disclosure.

A very important aspect of every business is the kind of relationship you build with your audience / customers. Writing my name all over the blog is a way to tell you (my fellow readers), that I’m not trying to trick you in any way. I’m totally honest with you in whatever I write on this blog. I may do some mistakes from time to time but I’m human after all.

On this blog, I talk about my thoughts, my beliefs, my goals, my past, the steps I’ve been through and the steps I’m aiming for. By seeing my name and my picture on my biography page, you can put a face on my words. All of this is very important, if not essential, in order to create a bond with your followers.

You want your readers to link with you and to give you their trust? Then give them your trust! It’s all about giving.

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