Aweber Pros: 10 Excellent Reasons To Use Their Service

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Over the years I’ve yielded to temptation and tried several different email service providers but I always end up coming back to Aweber. Here’s 10 excellent reasons why you should use Aweber, too.

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They have cool opt-in forms

There’s definitely a time and place for a plain, ordinary, opt-in form but Aweber has dozens of designer forms. And if you don’t find one you like you can even design your own. Some of the other sites have this capability but Aweber’s interface is so easy to use it blows the others away.

They have great support

If you have a problem you can call and talk to a real, live human being – who will then take the necessary steps to solve your problem immediately. They also have plenty of videos on the site to help walk you through all the functions.

They have cool newsletter templates

Along with their cool opt-in forms they also have cool email templates you can use to set up killer newsletters. Again, you can even customize these templates with your own headers and graphics. It adds a professional touch to your newsletters and helps with branding.

Plenty of cool easy-to-access stats

Aweber tracks everything about your account: How many people open your email, how many click your links, which links they click. You can see all your subscribers, when they subscribed, and the last time they opened one of your emails and so much more. And the stats are easy to access. Trust me – this is important. I used one site and I could never access half these statistics, even though they were supposedly there on the site.

You can load unlimited auto-responders

You can use your hosting email account to collect subscribers but you can’t schedule an auto-responder series. For some marketers, this is a deal-breaker.

You can broadcast a quick blast to your list

I love how easy it is to load up a quick email and just blast it out to your whole list. You can also segment your list for split testing or to run multiple niches.

You can easily see and organize your subscribers

With Aweber all of your subscribers are actually people. You can see names and email addresses and where they live. And you can sort these subscribers into lists if you’re addressing multiple markets.

They have a good reputation

Aweber has a good reputation with the search engines and this is important for you. Subscribers are required to opt-in which means they have to click a link to confirm they’ve agreed to accept your emails. This reduces spam reports, and because they have such a good reputation more of your emails actually go into email in-boxes instead of spam folders.

You can cull your list

Another key feature is the ability to cull your list and remove subscribers who aren’t opening your emails. With most services your fee is based on your number of subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the higher your fee. So it only makes sense to go through your list every now and then and remove the dead weight, which is easy to do since you can see exactly when each subscriber last opened one of your emails.

Spam alerts before you send

Too many spam reports and an email service provider will suspend your service because you’re putting their business and search engine ranking at risk. Aweber has filters in place that let you know if you’re writing subject lines that may be flagged as spam so you can adjust your content before you send the email.

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  1. Julie

    Excellent article! I just signed up with Aweber, and I’m glad I made the right decision. Now I know which features to check out. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Julie! I’d love if you can keep me posted on your progress with Aweber.

  2. Philippe Moisan

    Hello Steven,

    I use Aweber. Some people say Traffic Wave is just as good and costs a lot less. Have you used TW ? What do you think?

    A friend of mine told me to stick with Aweber.


    1. Hi Philippe!

      I’ve never heard of Traffic Wave. After a quick check on Google and their homepage, I’m not really convinced. The website doesn’t look professional and is quite ‘bleh’.

      Also, price is definitely not the main factor you should consider when picking an email services provider. You want to select a professional company that will ensure high delivery rate for your messages. (Moreover, you definitely don’t want to be hosting your email list with bad neighbors on the block.)

      As a conclusion, TW is also putting a banner to a MLM program on their website… It makes them look super fishy. They should be concentrating on converting visitors into sales, not pushing them to 3rd party websites…

      If I were you, I would avoid Traffic Wave at all cost and go with a 100% legit and high-quality service such as Aweber.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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