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AWeber Click Tracking: 3 Ways To Use It

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Click tracking is a really cool feature that AWeber boasts, it allows you to see what pages your users are clicking through to once they read your emails. Of course many people will use click tracking in order to monitor their conversions and sales, but there are actually lots of other uses for it, too.

aweber click tracking

You do have to think outside the box a little in order to make the most of click tracking, but here are three ideas:

  • Start a poll! Use your click tracking to start a poll in your email messages. Users love it when you invite them to interact – they love it even more when you invite them to interact and you’re not trying to get your hands on their cash, or plug a product. Starting a poll is a great way to get some traffic on your website if you’ve been having a quiet week, and it’s also a great way to engage your list. So, here’s an example of how and why you might want to start a poll using click tracking: say you’ve got 4 people all tussling for a blogging position on your website, and you’re not sure who to pick. Send out an email message to your list containing a snippet of each post, then after each a “vote” button. You’ll be able to see which person gets the most votes by tracking the clicks through from the emails. Genius, right?
  • Offer a free gift. There are times when you might get a bit bored of email marketing and you don’t message your list for a few weeks or months. After such a long absence one of the best ways in which you can kick-start your interaction with your list is to offer something for free! It’s totally up to you what it is; you could offer one lucky subscriber a brand new PlayStation – or you could offer ten lucky subscribers the chance to win a £10 off voucher for your web store. All they have to do is click through to your website through your marketing email, and you can track who clicked through, and enter them into the draw for the prize. It’s a great way to reengage your list and get traffic to your site.
  • Assess interest in new products. You can use click tracking in order to asses interest in new products. Tell your list that you’re thinking of bringing in some new lines – give them some pictures to click on in the email and tell them to click on the ones that they want to see most. You’ll be able to see which products are the most popular, and you can then stock them accordingly.

Click tracking is good for so much more than just measuring things like click-through rates and conversions. You can learn a lot more about your customers using click tracking that you might have realized – it’s just up to you to think outside of the box.

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