Average Blog Posts: Not All Your Articles Will Go Viral

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When your blog starts growing in popularity and some of your posts start going viral, you might start getting addicted to the traffic you see with those posts and try to achieve the same result with each and every post you write. This strategy presents a problem, however; if your only goal is to write viral blog posts, you’ll lose focus on the big picture. Delivering top-notch content to your audience should always remain your number one goal as a blogger.

Realizing this, it’s time to determine what you should be focusing on. While it’s great to strive for those viral posts regularly, it’s important not to overlook other areas of blogging that are just as vital.

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not all your blog posts will go viral

Don’t Stop Marketing Your Blog

A common pitfall bloggers face when they get a little dose of popularity is that they’ll see the traffic rolling in and then let their marketing efforts slide. Don’t make this mistake! It’s crucial to keep on marketing, even when you have tons of new visitors coming in, to avoid the “feast or famine” effect. Always be hustling, even when you don’t think you need to be.

Add Pillar Content to Your Blog

Pillar content is the posts that are timeless, extremely valuable and usually pretty comprehensive. When writing pillar content, try to make a post that can serve as the “go-to resource” for the topic. Pillar content is so important because even though it might not go viral, it can still bring you just as much, if not even more traffic over time.

Don’t Scrap Your “Crazy” Ideas for the Sake of Formulas

Instead of trying to make your ideas fit into a formula that is “proven” to help posts go viral, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things on your blog. Content that is completely unique and fresh is hard to find online – so don’t be so afraid of failure that you never do anything different. The most successful bloggers are those who have dared to be different and put out content that is unique and fresh.

Be Sure to SEO Your Content

Adding relevant keywords and interlinking posts on your blog are all super important practices and ensure that even if some of your posts don’t go viral overnight, they will still have readers trickling in from search engine over time. In many ways, search engine traffic is even better than “viral” traffic since the readers are actively seeking out what’s on your blog rather than just (in some cases) aimlessly clicking through social media links and scanning your posts.

When you focus on delivering top-notch content to your audience, your blog growth may be a bit slower than it would be if every single post you wrote went viral. But the key thing to remember is that different kinds of growth are not necessarily a bad thing, since that ultimately means greater diversity in your readership and usually, a more targeted audience as well.

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