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With all the talk about guest blogging these days it seems like article marketing has fallen by the wayside, but it’s still a perfectly viable option for building those all-important backlinks. Like any other other marketing technique it has it’s pros and cons, but hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right? Let’s take a look at using article marketing to increase your traffic.

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How Does Article Marketing Work?

The most important thing to remember is that nobody every visits an article directory or content site to search for information, no matter what that site tells you. The only way people land on your articles is by conducting an organic search. If they need more information after they they will either click on your link or they’ll initiate another organic search, but they will not search that directory.

Why is this important? Two reasons. One, you need to do your keyword research so you can target your traffic. And two, you need to write high-quality articles and craft resource boxes that compel your readers to click through to your blog instead of going to their search box for more information.

When you publish content on your blog you have a lot of flexibility. You can include links to relevant articles right there ini the body of your post. You can highlight links to popular content in your sidebar. You readers can see you category links and the link to your archives. In short, they can easily find all the information they need without ever leaving your blog.

When you publish articles on the directories most will only allow you to include one or two links to your blog and those links can only go in your resource box below the article. Any other links on the page lead to other articles on that directory, and they’re usually not your articles.

Those backlinks serve two purposes: They improve your blog’s search engine ranking, just like any other backllink, and they help increase your traffic. In fact, they have a greater effect on your traffic than other backlinks you generate, if you do it right.

The key is to always publish top-quality content that makes you look like the expert you are. Choose one keyword and answer one question, like we’ve talked about before, and provide all the information the reader needs. Then craft a unique resource box for each article.

That’s where a lot of bloggers make their mistake. They use the same resource box with the same links for dozens of articles.

Chances are once the reader gets done reading your remarkable article they’re going to want even more information. But remember, there are links all over that page. Some of them even go to relevant articles. So why would they be tempted to click on a link that just says “click here for more information.” More information about what?

Link to an article on your blog that’s immediately relevant to the article they just read and tell you reader to “visit to get more information about XYZ and get a free recipe for XYZ Chocolate cake.

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  1. Dave Nordella

    Thanks for writing this article. I found it on Steve Hughes’ Twitter page. Your advice on keywords, article writing and quality content make sense. I adding your methods to my marketing mix.

    1. I’m always glad if I can help, Dave!

  2. Ian Cleary

    I agree with writing guest posts on high profile blogs that are relevant to your industry but writing articles on sites that are full of articles only written for SEO purposes is not a good strategy.

    1. Well, you will still get backlinks… But their weight will be diluted.

    2. Ian Cleary

      Yes backlinks that will be discounted by Google and may also be penalized over time.

    3. Most of the links may be penalized over time… It’s like saying that nofollow links are useless.

  3. This is really tough topic because I feel like with all the recent Google algo changes it’s difficult to see if these tactics still work. Most of the bloggers out there that I see still pushing article marketing have sites that were established in Google search results before the algo updates. I’m curious if anyone has a case study that was performed after the updates took place. If you have one, feel free to email me it. I’d love to see proof that this stuff still works. Cheers!

    1. Hey CJ, if you find such a case study, please let me know!

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