Affiliate Product Selection: Do You Consider The Product Price?

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Deciding which affiliate product to promote might seem pretty easy. Just choose the one that pays the highest commission rate, right? Ah, silly blogger. Things are not always what they seem in the blogging world. If they were, there’d be no need for this post. Here are some things you need to consider:

Your Readers: The first thing you need to consider is the needs and wants of your specific readers and this is where a lot of new affiliate marketers make mistakes. But don’t worry. It takes time to learn your audience and you can always change the products you’re promoting.

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It might seem like it makes sense to promote a cookbook filled with chocolate chip cookie recipes on your recipe blog, and you might even get a few sales. But look closer at your analytics.

If the majority of your visitors are landing on your recipes for entrees, like Chicken Kiev or Homestyle Roast Beef, then you’d probably be more successful promoting a cookbook that contains entree recipes because that’s what most of your readers are looking for. So, while you might have some success with the cookie recipes, you’d have greater success with the entree recipes.

Looking at it another way, if you really want to promote that book with chocolate chip cookie recipes and make some money, you’re going to have to work twice as hard to bring in readers who’d be interested. You’ll have to create lots of new content focused on chocolate chip cookie keywords and you’ll have to amp up your promotional efforts.

Product Quality: If possible, you should always check out the quality of the product. Obviously, it’s not possible for you to purchase every refrigerator or washer/dryer combo you’re considering, but you can research the manufacturer and read online reviews.

In the case of ebooks and digital products I always look at the advertiser’s sales page, too. It may be the best product in the world but ultimately the purchase happens on the advertiser’s sales page. If it’s unprofessional looking or poorly written it won’t convert, and that means zero commissions for you.

The Selling Price: Once I’ve found a quality product I feel meets my readers needs and I feel I can honestly promote, I’ll take a look at the selling price and the commission rate. Assuming the product isn’t over-priced for the marketplace, I’ll look at two things:

How much is the commission per sale: Don’t forget to take into consideration back-end sales, up-sells, repeat sales, and multiple sales. For example, if you’re using an Amazon affiliate link, you get paid a commission on everything that customer buys when he clicks on your link, even if he doesn’t buy the product you’re promoting.

How many sales would I have to make to achieve my selling goals: I always have a sales goal in mind. So let’s say I wanted to make $1,000 in a month. If the product sells for $57 and my commission rate is 50 percent, I’d have to make 35 sales in a month.

Is my goal achievable?: Let’s assume the advertiser’s sales page is converting at 8 percent. That means I’d have to send 438 targeted visitors to the advertiser’s sales page to hit my goal of $1,000. But first, I need to get those visitors to click through from my blog or my email. If my squeeze page or landing page or email is converting at 10 percent, that means I need to have 4,380 unique targeted visitors to my blog so I can send 438 visitors to the advertiser. Which leaves two questions:

  • Do I have this much targeted traffic?
  • If I don’t already have this much targeted traffic, what will I have to do to get it?

So you see, price does impact which affiliate products I choose to promote but it’s not the only consideration. Every successful sale starts with the buyer so the better you know your audience the more successful you’ll be with affiliate sales.

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