Affiliate Marketing News Aggregator: Not Just Another One

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In my opinion, there are two ways of creating a successful business. You can either identify a need and develop something brand new to help people with their need, or you can check what already exists and make it better.

Most people think that to develop a business you need to create something new, something that doesn’t exist before. And unluckily, as most of us are not geniuses with world-changing ideas, they get stuck before even starting.

As I am no exception to the rule and I am really far from being a genius, I love to work on the second hypothesis: improving things.

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A lot of people in every business, including internet marketing, are doing shitty stuff. They take a piece of poop, wrap it up with a lovely ribbon (hello clickbankers) and sell it to you for gold. But even being less extreme, how many time did you need a tool or a service, found it online and said to yourself: “oh, it would be so great if they had developed it even further”? I know the feeling! It happens to me all the time.

Well, the other day I was checking some affiliate marketing news aggregator and started to wonder how they could be improved…

AffBuzz: The Starting Point


This is the point of origin: AffBuzz. Nothing fancy there, except maybe the fact that being the first one to do that in our niche (by cloning Popurls), its owner has been able to leverage some very nice traffic.

The downside is that almost only the big guns of Affiliate Marketing are represented on this affiliate marketing news aggregator.

To be 100% honest, I asked the owner to consider adding me, after a few weeks without an answer, I tried to tweet him and he simply replied that I do not meet his quality requirements. Fair enough, no problem with that. Dukeo is only 2 months old after all!

AffDaily: Signup Advanced Version

Some people started to complain about not being able to choose the feeds they wanted to follow on AffBuzz. This is where Geo, the owner of AffDaily, stepped in.


He created AffDaily with the same basic concept as AffBuzz: a static homepage displaying updates of some Affiliate Marketing Blogs and Websites.

A nice thing is that it’s more opened to get featured on the homepage. Well, that’s also a bad thing… Because some blogs may be featured even if they lack posting frequency or posting quality.

If you want, you can personalize your AffDaily homepage by creating an account then hand-picking the websites and feeds you want to follow. It could be summarized as a visually advanced RSS Reader.

The problem is that I have already so many accounts on a wide variety of websites that I do not want to create a new one just to follow blogs, I have an RSS Reader for that.

Identifying Issues

After using both of these sites for a decent period of time. I automatically started to do what I always do: analyzing how it works and what it miss.

  • First of all, an issue that I see is that the homepage is pretty static on both these sites except for the 3 short lists at the top of the page that displays Today’s Top Posts, Yesterday’s Top Posts and This Week Top Posts.
  • On both sites, the big names are always staying at the top of the page and if you want to check what a smaller blogger has to say (and it may be some very interesting post) you have to scroll wayyyyyyyy down.
  • Another problem is that either you open 100 tabs to read the posts, either you have to keep hitting the back button of your browser to come back to the affiliate marketing news aggregator.

Finding Ideas To Fix These Isues

Once these issues were spotted, I asked myself how they could be fixed to make a tool that would be the same, but better.

  • To prevent the homepage from being static, I needed to develop a website that would dynamically change the order of the feeds based on their popularity (but protected from cheaters who would try to game the system to always have the first spots).
  • To prevent you from having to go back and forth between websites and the News aggregator, I needed to find a way to ease the navigation from a post to another.

Developing The Solution

After a few days of thinking, I got my hands into code. Some people think that writing some code is the most boring thing on earth. I’m standing on the other side, I generally find it challenging to develop technical systems to answer my needs and it gives me a break from affiliate marketing while my campaigns keep making money for me.

The Solution: Dynamic Homepage

And now, it’s time to introduce you to a new generation of Affiliate Marketing News Aggregator: News.Dukeo. At the first glance, it may look exactly the same as any other news aggregator, but it’s all in the backend! The blogs order on the homepage is dynamic: it is based on each site popularity on the day before.

dukeo news

It’s a new way of displaying blogs which is more fair for bloggers as a small blogger can get the first spot if he writes a very popular article. And it’s also more interesting for the readers because they will always see quality posts in the first spots (no more dictature from the big bloggers or who’s friend with who).

The Solution: Improved Navigation

When you’re visiting each article individually, you will notice the Dukeo’s NewsBar that stays at the top of your browser and lets you easily navigate through the various news.

dukeo newsbar

The development of this Dukeo’s NewsBar led to another routine-changing development that will save you a lot of time daily!

Another Breakthrough: The Comment System

As I said, when developing News.Dukeo, the concept of the NewsBar led me to another improvement that consists of a very small yet absolutely powerful thing: the [Next] button. The strength of this button is to change the navigation scheme from back and forth, to a linear scheme.

next button

This [Next] button allows you to navigate from one article to the other starting from the most recent. I decided to implement the Origin Point on Social.Dukeo. This page links to the most recent article published in the Internet Marketing Industry.

dukeo social

I already explained in previous posts the importance of getting links to your website in order to develop your own blog popularity, so I won’t develop it again in here. Now imagine if you didn’t have to check every blog in the industry to see if there is a new post to comment on (and get a link back to your site).

There you have it! This is what Social.Dukeo is all about. Just click on the button and you’ll be taken to the most recent blog post in the industry, you can simply comment on it. Then, instead of coming back to the aggregator and finding another fresh post, you just hit the [Next] button, and you have the second freshest post in the industry to comment on! And so on…

The combination of both News.Dukeo and Social.Dukeo is going to save you hours of work each month! And you know what’s the best part for both these tools? They’re 100% free to use!

If you see as much potential as I do in these tools, please help me spread the word. We can improve things together!

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  1. Affiliate Paying

    Great ideas :)

    1. Hey, thank you for the support!

      Every kind of feedback about the tools is welcome.

      I’m trying my best to help the community and put together some tools that can bring value and improve other people experience online :)

  2. Lore

    Cool! That’s a clever way of looking at it!

  3. Free Affiliate

    Dukeo’s NewsBar a good idea

    1. I’ll have to think about developing this :)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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