AffBuzz Bar Fail (Nice Try Though)

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I really laughed when I saw that AffBuzz had included a “bar” on their website. Well, call me arrogant, but I like to think that he implemented it because of the “bar” I implemented on

The owner of Affbuzz may argue as much as he want that he had the idea waiting to be implemented since months, but facts speak for themselves: he implemented it after I did it on my own Affiliate Marketing News Aggregator at News.Dukeo about 3 weeks ago. (Homepage I had to change to get a chance to be featured on AffBuzz.)

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As experienced as he is, in my opinion the guy behind AffBuzz failed to analyze the big difference between News.Dukeo and AffBuzz as well as the reason why the bar looks legit (and useful) on News.Dukeo and it does not on AffBuzz.

The purpose of the bar on News.Dukeo is to change the behavior of the visitor from a back and forth browsing to a linear browsing thanks to the [Next] button. There is no need to come back to the website homepage because you just need to click on [Next] to go to the next post in the industry and post a comment then rinse and repeat.

It fails on AffBuzz because people don’t give a shit about having a bar with just a “Back” button, especially when the links on the homepage are opening in new tabs: you are just getting overflowed with new tabs…

Clicking a link that opens in a new window, then clicking “back”, then clicking a link that opens in a new window, then clicking “back”, then clicking a link that opens in a new window… You soon end up with 20+ tabs opened thanks to AffBuzz Bar navigation.

People like being linked on AffBuzz because they have a feeling that the website is bringing them exposure AND link-juice. Thanks to the AffBuzz bar and the use of iframes, now you just have the feeling that AffBuzz is using your content to grow his own website without giving you any link-juice.

I call it a fail for AffBuzz because I don’t really see the use of this bar. I don’t see the added value except branding all the other blogs with his own brand and increasing his own Alexa Rank.

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  1. Lukas Larsson

    As just as your claims may be, I think there is a difference between arrogance (which is what I feel is coming through here), and making a point. Sure, maybe affbuzz copied you, but why get all rattled? Besides, compared to AffBuzz, your word isn’t much.

    Either way, congratulations on your blogs progress so far.

    1. Rattled? I just tested the navigation with the AffBuzz bar, didn’t like it, and explain why I don’t like it. Since when expressing an opinion became an issue?

      Actually I have a feeling that I even gave a few arguments to explain why I do not like it… It’s not as if I had just said: “it sucks”.

      This is a quick review and I am open to discussion.

  2. Affiliate Manager

    I also do not like the new bar at Affbuzz. In my opinion, Affdaily is better.

    Where are you getting your links from for your service? If you don’t mind me asking. Very cool.

    1. For my comment system News.Dukeo, I am grabbing the links from the rss feeds :) It’s currently grabbing over 100 feeds and gives any visitor around 50 new posts to comment on each day.

  3. Jesse

    Hey Steven;

    I was curious as to what the name of the bar is? Is this a wp plugin? Is it a script? Can you let us know where to find it?


    1. Hi Jesse, You won’t find the bar anywhere, it’s hand-coded :)

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