AdWords vs. Facebook: How Do They Compare?

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When people think of PPC, they tend to think of the two PPC giants out there; AdWords and Facebook.

The thing to remember about these networks is that even though they fall under the same umbrella classification as a PPC network, they do vastly different things.

adwords vs facebook

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The main difference

You really can’t compare AdWords and Facebook because the very core of the system they work on it completely different. AdWords throws ads up at users based on their keyword searches, whilst Facebook throws ads up at their users based on personal information such as age, gender, and their interests. They both use a very different way of targeting adverts at users – but that’s not to say they can’t both be effective.

The costs

Again, it’s very hard to compare the CPCs offered by AdWords compared to Facebook.

On AdWords you’re charged a CPC based on the keyword you use, whereas on Facebook you pay a CPC based on the type of person that you target. What is true of both networks however is that the further you “drill down“, the cheaper the CPC (usually) becomes.

So for instance on AdWords, if you use the keyword “headphones“, you might expect to pay a high CPC, whereas if you use a much more specific keyword such as “cheap red headphones“, the CPC will be significantly lower.

Likewise on Facebook, if you target your ads at every female in the USA, you’ll pay much more on a CPC basis than you would if you only targeted females between 18 and 24, who have an interest in archaeology. It’s up to you to refine your campaign on each network and decide which ones offers the very best ROI (return on investment).

Use both if you can

Because AdWords and Facebook advertising are different, you should try and utilize them both, where possible. Of course some companies will find that they have very little success with one or the other, so they will only use one of the networks, but in general most companies will find there’s a balance to be made.

Some companies will use them both, then they’ll find that one is far superior to the other. In such a case you can dramatically lower your budget on the less effective network, or you can just stop your ads altogether. Don’t just run ads on both networks for the sake of being diverse – it’s a waste of money if your clicks aren’t converting.

The one thing that remains the same

The one thing you need to do on both is to constantly monitor your campaigns, on a daily basis if possible. You need to monitor your budget – are you getting the ROI you expected? If your ROI is better than planned, should you think about increasing your budget? If conversions are low on your website, is it time to change the users you’re targeting or try some different keywords?

Whether you’re running ads on AdWords or Facebook, a campaign is never ever complete – there are always some small tweaks that can be done in order to improve it further.

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