AdWords Quality Score: How to Increase It?

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Anyone who has any experience of working in AdWords will be aware of the Quality Score system that Google use in order to rate the adverts that you submit to their network.

The Quality Score system can be hard to get your head around at first, but it’s definitely something you should take the time to understand, because if you satisfy Google they will reward you with high Quality Scores.

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increase adwords quality score

A high Quality Score means increased visibility in the search results ad section, and also cheaper costs per click (CPC). If you have a low Quality Score for selected keywords, even if your ads are running, they may not necessarily show for certain keyword searches. This is why taking note and taking action to improve your Quality Score is very important.

There are rumoured to be all kinds of secret Quality Scores that Google assign to your account. These Quality Scores are based on account metrics should as past campaigns you’ve run, amongst other the things. The problem with these Quality Scores is that Google haven’t actually acknowledged they exist – and even if they do, you have no access to them. The Quality Score that you need to take note of the score assigned to individual keywords when you setup a campaign.

How to find your Quality Scores

Have a look in your AdWords account under an existing campaing; click on the “Keywords” tab. You’ll see a small square speech bubble to the right of every keyword, click on this and a small pop out will appear. It’ll tell you your Quality Score for the keyword out of 10, and it’ll also tell you whether or not your ads are running.

How to improve your Quality Score

The three factors that AdWords take into account to determine your Quality Score for each individual keyword are:

  • Page quality
  • Page relevance
  • Page load time

Page quality

Page quality is a straight forward metric. If your web page is full of helpful information such as an article or review, or even a blog post, it’s going to be deemed as quality. What Google are really looking for here is though spammy sites with unreadable content. If you do a good job of your content and include a few pictures and maybe embed some videos, it’s not that hard to achieve a high Quality Score for page quality.

Page relevance

Lots of people have trouble in distinguishing the different between page quality, and page relevance. Whereas page quality refers to the quality of the content on the site, relevant determines whether or not the content on the page is of relevance to people searching for it. If you have for example an amazing hair and beauty blog, you would get a very low Quality Score if you go targeting keywords like “satnav” – because although your site is of high quality, it’s not relevant to searchers.

Page load time

This criteria is again self explanatory. Try your page load time on a few different devices and a few different internet connections if possible. Get friends, colleagues or family members to test it too. No one likes waiting for a slow page to load, so if yours is sluggish make sure you do your best to optimize it.

Remember satisfy these criteria and Google will not only give you a high Quality Score, they’ll also increase your ad’s visibility too! They’re well worth getting to grips with – see if you can get every keyword Quality Score up to 8, 9 or 10 – it can be done.

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