AdClarity Review: Analytics and Toolbar In This Media Intelligence Platform

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Would you benefit from high quality traffic sourcing data that told you both what worked and failed for your own advertising campaigns, and for your competitors?

All businesses would gain from accurate, relevant reports on where and how to attract large volumes of traffic, and this is exactly what AdClarity Analytics and AdClarity Toolbar were created to supply.


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The Adclarity Media Intelligence engine leverages some powerful information harvesting potential to provide extremely useful advertising data it would take months for you to gather manually.

Through the intelligence engine’s agency, the triumphs and failures of competitors are laid bare before you in revealing detail, guiding you to the resources they use to achieve their successes. You can also profit from their missteps without the expense and wasted time that trial and error involves. In short, AdClarity Analytics and Toolbar are key to empowering your own business with superior traffic sourcing metrics. This enables you to zero in what actually works as swiftly and unerringly as possible.

It is often said that victory is achieved by the person who makes the least mistakes. AdClarity is intended to collect large amounts of pertinent data, identify the most crucial factors, and offer multiple useful perspectives on it to streamline a successful decision making process. The system largely succeeds in these goals, helped by robust, professional programming and polished, easy to use interfaces.

Analytics and Toolbar Work Together

AdClarity Toolbar and AdClarity Analytics are sold together. The toolbar enables quick browser-based analysis and traffic data gathering while using the Internet. Analytics, though using and offering much the same information, goes into far more depth for slower but more intensive research.

These tools offer impressive flexibility when it comes to monitoring and analyzing both external websites’ successes and failures and your own. The set of tools provided is versatile enough to give you high-quality analytical functions at every stage of researching, deploying, and monitoring advertising campaigns.

AdClarity Analytics: Where True Magic Happens

AdClarity Analytics is a powerful media intelligence tool that uses the data available all over on the Internet to construct a complete picture of any advertising campaign.

adclarity interface

With just a few clicks, you can see which traffic sources are being used by any of your competitors, which sites generate just a brief spike of activity and which are good for ongoing flows of traffic, and many other details that let you quickly choose winning strategies while discarding the ineffective ones.

  • The program’s goal is to eliminate wasteful trial and error and allow you to cut to the chase, finding the winning strategies others have already proven and adapting them to your own success (or really just copy/pasting them).
  • Correct use of AdClarity reveals not only the effective creatives and sources of traffic, but also the best ways of tapping into them.
  • The engine compiles a ton of data. It’s like having your own army of spies scouring the net and the various ad networks for information.
  • You can also quickly analyze how various publishers perform, and find out which markets are still largely untapped. AdClarity is highly successful at finding out untapped markets, the “low-hanging fruit” are pretty much just waiting for you.

It is extremely useful that AdClarity enables drilling down to observe the effectiveness of specific advertising channels. For example, you can isolate data for various banners, tags, campaigns, and any advertising methods, thus seeing what’s working well and what isn’t.

With so many different information sources and such a diverse array of analytical approaches, it would be easy for an intelligence tool like this to end up as a confused mess. However, AdClarity’s designers outdid themselves, making a program that manages to stay neat, well-organized, and dexterous despite its undoubted complexity.

The interface of AdClarity is smooth and free-flowing.

Gathering Quick Info On-The-Fly With AdClarity Toolbar

The AdClarity Toolbar is the second part of these paired products, bringing the intelligence engine’s functionality to your web browser with an easy-to-use toolbar, exactly as suggested by its name.

Though it does not have the profound depth that the main program does, it’s extremely convenient.

The AdClarity Toolbar is feature-rich, forming a great tool for evaluating the traffic statistics and ad campaigns of any website in a fast, impromptu, highly adaptable way.

Let’s take a look as some of its features.

1. General Information

There are many scenarios where you will need to contact website owners or employees (think media buys). The AdClarity toolbar allows you to gather core contacts for almost every website, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

2. Advertising Campaigns

Robust intelligence gathering is carried out on each site as well. Advertising Campaigns are found, listed, and statistically analyzed.

Actionability seems to be at the heart of the toolbar’s design. The intelligence is up-to-date allowing you to study traffic flows and take decisions based on relevant information.

Just like the web-based tool, you can view the data at multiple levels of granularity.

You can opt to see only the big picture, or drill down, narrowing the focus to show detailed breakdowns.

3. Geo Surfing

An extremely useful function included in AdClarity is “Geo Surfing.” This feature acts like a proxy, allowing you to modify your perceived location when browsing websites.

Geo Surfing allows an American user to view content from China like a Chinese Internet user, for example. Simulating being a “local” lets you see geo-targeted content and ads.

This feature can instantly “localize” your browser to more than 120 individual locations around the globe, which covers most nations. The countries that are not supported are probably not going to provide a very good market for your service in any case.

4. Platform Proxy

The tool also turns your browser into a platform proxy, so that you can view sites in their mobile formats – that is, how they would appear on various mobile devices such as an iPhone.

This allows you to check out how your site looks to smartphone users, plus pick up tips on how to configure the mobile version of a website.

5. Protect Your Own Campaigns

I would also advise you to use the toolbar to analyze your own websites.

This is an excellent way to get an objective look at which parts of your promotional efforts can be spied on by your competitors.

Why Should You Use AdClarity?

In case you didn’t already understand the many ways in which you cau use the AdClarity tools to improve your marketing campaigns, here are just a few ideas from the top of my head:

  1. You can use the intelligence engine to cut deadwood out of campaigns. Since AdClarity shows you the whole chain of sites involved in delivering your advertising, you can identify middlemen who contribute nothing but extra expense to the process, and figure out how to work around them to increase your ROI.
  2. You can also check out potential partners’ performance on a daily basis before actually contacting them, to see if they have robust, ongoing traffic that you can purchase directly to the source to cut the networks out of the equation.
  3. You can set alerts in AdClarity. For example, AdClarity can watch for the launch of new campaigns by your competitors. When it detects new activity of the appropriate kind and scale, you receive a notification, so that you can react quickly.
  4. You can also verify whether or not your own business is working at an optimal level and quickly find trouble spots that might interfere with people using your services.

I Guess It’s Expensive, Right?

AdClarity Analytics and Toolbar do come at a cost. The price of approximately $300 per month does sound quite fair to me when you consider the edge it will give you over your competitors. It will also keep you ahead of all the newbies who can’t even afford it.

Just consider the ton of powerful, practical data constantly at your fingertips and the potential boost in profits… Quickly uncovering opportunities and steering clear of pitfalls makes AdClarity well worth its price.

To Summarize…

Overall, AdClarity is a cutting-edge ad campaigns analytical tool that is quite ahead of most competing software.

No program substitutes for good decision-making but think of AdClarity as a potent “force multiplier” that spares you the long process of gathering, collating, sifting, organizing, and analyzing data.

PS: If you’re not sure about purchasing the full version of AdClarity yet, you can always give it a shot for 24 hours with the $1.00 trial. It’s super cheap and it will allow you to see if this tool is made for you.

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