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Advertising revenue will most likely be the main source of income on your blog whether you’re selling direct ad space to other bloggers or promoting affiliate products. On established blogs managing all those ads can be a real headache – collecting fees from direct advertisers, providing statistics for analysis, and making sure your affiliate networks pay you every month can be a full-time job. Here are three ad server options for bloggers to help automate the process so you can get back to the business of being a blogger.

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ad server option for bloggers

Orbit Open Ad Server

Orbit Open Ad Server is a free, open-source WordPress plug-in. It’s also available for use on Joomla and Drupal properties. Just download and it’s ready to use, right out of the box. Orbit offers the latest ad formats and lots of flexibility in pricing options for bloggers who sell direct advertising space. Orbit can also be configured for strategic market targeting which means ads can be served based on visitor preference, leading to higher click-through rates.

You’ll have access to plenty of stats for your own analysis to help you map out a successful strategy and you’ll have access to all the reports you advertisers are looking for. No more wading through pages of stats trying to gather the information your advertisers need every month.

Because Orbit Open Ad Server is open-source you also have access to a forum with plenty of documentation to help you customize your set-up and, like other open-source products like WordPress or Open Office, you also have access to all updates as they’re made.


OIOpublisher is premium WordPress plug-in that currently costs just $47. You can track clicks and ad impressions and you can also set it up so weekly reports are automatically emailed to advertisers. OIOpublisher displays ads on any website using php or javascript and you can use it on WordPress or a stand-alone platform.

One of the benefits of OIOpublisher is that it allows you to sell digital products as well as convert visitors into sales staff using the built-in affiliate program. Plus, for the one time investment, you can use it on multiple domains. One-click lifetime updates are also included in the price and OIOpublisher has an online forum and extensive tutorials to help you with any customization needs.

Ad Speed High Performance Ad Server

Ad Speed is an independent adserver program that sends ads to your blog. You set up an account, load up your ad inventory, and within minutes ads start appearing on your blog. Ad Speed has a small monthly fee involved but the benefits of this service make it worth the money.

First, Ad Speed is scalable. If you’re looking for information about ad servers then you already know how much work is involved managing your ads at your level of traffic. And it only gets worse as your blog continues to grow. If you’re planning for growth, which most bloggers are, then you might want to consider starting out with a service like Ad Speed that can handle the traffic. You’re going to need it anyway and it’s a real hassle trying to change from one ad server to another.

Second, Ad Speed has real human beings that you can talk to when you need help with something, instead of waiting for any Tom, Dick or Harry to answer your questions in a forum. If you had time to sit around and wait for answers you wouldn’t need an ad server.

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  1. In terms of speed and resource usage, do you know which one is better? OIO or Orbit? I’m researching self-hosted solution at the moment and OIO and Orbit are on top of my list. Thanks!

    1. I’m using OIO on all the blogs that I monetize. Does that help? :)

    2. Battra

      Haha .. yes! Thanks!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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