About Pages: Adding Them To Your Blog Is Essential

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Getting ready to launch your new blog? Did you remember to set up an “About” page? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. For some reason, they seem to have fallen by the wayside. But there’s a reason you need to put one up there, front and center: About pages help increase reader engagement. Now that you know that, you won’t be upset when I tell you that you really should have two.

One About Your Blog, One About You

About pages can be used for two different reasons…

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Tell people about your blog: First-time readers and readers who’ve only been visiting your blog for a short time have probably only seen a few of your posts. And because each post only addresses one keyword, they haven’t really absorbed your full message. Before they continue investing their time in reading your blog, they want to know if you’re going to address their needs.

That’s where your “About” page comes in. Let your readers know what you plan to accomplish with your blog. Are you blogging as an activist to change environmental laws or are you blogging to give people tips on greener living? Do you want to teach people how to generate traffic or will you be showing them how to build an online business and including tips on traffic generation in the mix?

A good “About” page also lets the visitor know how he’ll benefit from reading your blog.

Tell people about you: An “About Me” page isn’t always necessary and it really depends on how much of “you” you want your readers to know. For example, if you’re a cancer survivor and you’re blogging about your journey, an “About Me” page would be a wonderful addition for your blog because you could go into more personal details.

About” pages are just another way to forge a stronger connection with your readers. They tell people, “This is me. This is my blog. This is what I stand for.

It’s true that if you personalize your information you’ll increase reader engagement. You’re letting them see the blogger behind the blog and they can see you’re a real person. On the other hand, there’s a limit to how much your readers really want to know. Remember, they came to your blog to learn something, not to hear about your kids and your neighbors and what you eat for breakfast every day.

When Should You Use Both?

Obviously, an About Me page should be… about YOU. It should express your personal opinion, or tell something about your personal reason for starting this blog. An “About” page is used to express the goals of your blog.

If you’re blogging for business you might not want to include personal information at all. You might want to keep things on a strictly professional business level, and that’s fine.

Something else to keep in mind is the length of your page. There are lots of About pages out there that include a mix of blog goals and personal information, and that’s fine, too, but go heavy on the blog goals and keep the personal stuff to a minimum. Stay on point and don’t ramble.

At the very least you should add an “About” page to tell visitors how they’ll benefit from reading your blog. If you want to include a bit of your personal wit or wisdom, great. That just increases reader engagement. And if more personal information would help build an even stronger bond, then create an “About Me” page, too.

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