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8 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Many Comments

You’ve been blogging for a few months now and you can see your traffic numbers growing, but you’re still not getting many comments. It’s disheartening, for sure. You started your blog because you wanted to connect with other people but so far it seems like no one’s listening. What’s wrong with your blog? Well, here are eight reasons you might not be getting many comments.

1. Your Posts Contain TMI

Writing a long post that contains a lot of information is fine. However, a lot of readers won’t read a long post. Period. They’ll just leave the page. And those who do read all the way to the end of your post may be too overwhelmed with information to stop and leave a comment. The key to writing a long post is to stay on one topic and make your post easy to read and absorb.

2. You Didn’t Ask For Comments

Nobody likes to be the first to leave a comment on a blog. After comments start coming in you’ll have people tripping over themselves trying to be first, but until then, try asking your readers to leave a comment. Tell them at the end of the post that you know they’re out there and you’re getting tired of talking to yourself. Then ask them a specific question and tell them to answer in the comments.

3. You’ve Left Them Nothing To Say

Maybe you’re not leaving them anything to say. Try writing an unfinished post. No, don’t break it off in the middle or leave out the last two tips. But don’t include every last detail. Better yet, tell your readers you’re not quite sure about something and ask them to help out in the comments.

4. They’re Following Your Links

Maybe they’re busy following your links. Are you using links to lead your readers to relevant content somewhere else on your blog? If so, make sure you have a call to action at the end of every post telling your readers to leave a comment. Are you sending them to someone else’s blog? Set your link to open in another tab and remind your readers to come back and comment.

5. They’re Taking Action

Readers have this strange habit of doing whatever you tell them to do. Are you telling your readers to subscribe to your newsletter or Tweet your post or take a poll? If you’re highlighting special content in your sidebars, or your opt-in form is in your sidebar, maybe that’s keeping your readers too busy to comment.

6. They’re Commenting… On Facebook

You told them to follow you on Facebook and that’s exactly what they’re doing… and they’re trying to talk to you there. Or Twitter, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest… If they’re connecting with you in the social networks that’s great. That means they’re already comfortable with that platform and they’re comfortable sharing. Go forth and connect with your readers wherever they are, even if it’s not in your comments.

7. It’s Too Complicated

If it’s too complicated to leave a comment, they just won’t. If they have to register, and then sign in with their Facebook or Twitter account, and then approve the connection, leave their name, email address, and shoe size, then fill in a captcha… forget it! Make it as easy as possible for your readers to leave comments. Worry about spam and filters after the comments start rolling in.

8. Your Posts Are Just That Great

Maybe, just maybe readers aren’t leaving comments because your content is so great. If your posts are informative and actionable, it could be that they’re not taking the time to comment because they’re trying out your great How-To tips or they’re on the way to the store to get the ingredients for that awesome recipe. Remind them that you’d like to hear about the results… in the comments, please.

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8 Comments (Add one)

  1. Francesca Edesia

    I think you also need to work at your blog in order to get more comments. I noticed the more I comment, the more comments I get.
    (I was just told to say something more useful:) So funny! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Ana Cristina Pratas

    Hi Ste,

    As a blogger myself, this post really reached out to me. Bloggers don’t often receive feedback unless they are part of a particular network where everyone is connected to everyone else – a bit like scratching each other’s back. Other times, I suppose readers don’t feel the need to leave feedback or simply for lack of time.

    I myself read many blogs and am grateful to the writers but don’t always add comments either, for some of the reasons mentioned above in your post. And yes, those captchas which ask for everything and the kitchen sink are a nuisance!

    Thank you for this post!

  3. Lucy Pireel

    Great tips, but I implement them all and yet there are replies, just not as much as I would love to see.
    I must either be doing something right in my posts, or something terribly wrong. :-)
    Shoot! My comment is too short according to your blog. :-)

  4. Deirdre Weedon
    Deirdre Weedon

    I think most of us are so overstimulated with media that it’s difficult to read just one post, process it, and comment. We’re always clicking to the next thing. Not sure if there is a solution to that, but your article has some good strategies. I’m going to try some. Thanks.

  5. Sherman Smith

    Hey Ste,

    These are some tips to really think about. From my experience, if i’m consistently leaving on comments on a serious bloggers post, then eventually they’ll come to mine and leave a post. Especially if they’re popular among the commenters of their own blog. Their readers will look at what I have to say and comment.

    Also, another thing that helps is that I joined blogging groups on facebook. If there’s a lot of activity going on in the group and everyone is commenting on each other’s blog, then you’ll start getting comments.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. TJ Philpott


    Reasons 1,2 and 4 all are likely ‘culprits’ that keep comments to a minimum, I personally have way too many links that open in the same window! People quite simply can NOT be expected to return once you’ve directed them away…

    Also need to be more conscious of asking for comments to ‘help’ readers take the ‘desired’ action – you don’t ask, you don’t get!

    Simple yet powerful points you’ve presented!



  7. Catherine

    Still not getting many comments, although I think I have followed this model fairly well. My last blog has a call to leave comments with the appropriate links at the end. Will you comment on my blog?

  8. Sam Adeyinka

    Another great post Steph!

    Like Sherman Smith, I realized when I go all out to leaving comments on other bloggers blog and sharing the ish out of their posts, i always get a positive. And it’s what made me fairly popular amongst some of my blogging friends.

    My little Tips:

    1. Go out an comment: You just read a post and you like it, right? Why don’t you take the extra effort to leave a comment? And don’t just leave a “Thank you” or “Great Tips, Dukeo?” kinda comments.

    Make your comments a bit long and highly thought provoking. You don’t have to write long comments like Harleena Singh, Adrienne Smith, Silviu, myself and some of my blogging buddies that just like pouring out their minds, thereby causing their comments to be a mini-post.

    2. Reply to Comments on your own Blog: I know you’d be like, “I get few or sometimes no comments and you are saying I should reply!” Yes…reply to those few comments you get and do it consistently just like you post everyday.

    I got several other tips but I feel you’ve shared some amazing points here and I should let that sink really in to those dudes reading your tips.

    Thanks for the share matey! :)