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5 More Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With LinkedIn

Steven February 22, 2012 No responses Traffic Generation 7 views

I’ve talked about some of the basic benefits of getting involved at LinkedIn but I’m going to go into a little more detail. A lot of webmasters don’t really see the potential with this site. They think it’s just another Twitter or Facebook and we all know how difficult it is to get any kind of reliable results with those 2 sites. Here are 5 more ways then, to drive traffic to your blog with LinkedIn, that should convince you there really is a difference.

drive traffic to your blog with linkedin

  1. Start your own Group: Joining LinkedIn Groups is a definite must, but starting your own group is even better. You can, if you choose, control who gets invited and who gets accepted. You can even upload a logo to reinforce your brand.

    When you create your group you can give it a name, create a description and define its purpose. Using keywords you attract a very targeted following and you’ll actually have 2 targeted profiles on LinkedIn – one for you personally and one for your group.

    But it’s the Group Discussions that matter the most. Your discussions are similar to forum postings and can either be closed and available only to members of your group or they can be open to the world. As the Group owner it’s easy enough to establish yourself as the authority within the Group. And by using keywords in your topics and posts you can attract targeted traffic and refer all of them to back to your blog for more information.

    As a Group Owner you also have the ability to message the members of your Group. Which means you can send them information about specials or seminars you’re offering. Maybe send them all a free ebook or download, or a weekly newsletter. It’s email marketing on steroids and the possibilities are endless.

  2. Answer questions in your blog: Earlier I told you that you could answer questions at LinkedIn to help establish credibility and authority. Before you answer that question though, go write a blog post with lots of detailed information. Then go back and give a brief, informative answer at LinkedIn and tell people that you discuss it in depth on your blog. Or write a blog post that relies on images to get your message across. You can’t include images when you’re answering LinkedIn questions so it’s another good reason to send people to your blog.
  3. Start Group Discussions: As a member of any Group, when you start a discussion you have a maximum of 200 characters to use to title your discussion and then you can include a link to relevant content. And yes, that link can lead to one of your blog posts. If you’re a member of a Group that has 10,000 members then that means that 10,000 people will potentially see your link. You don’t get those kind of results with any other free method of link promotion!
  4. Invite your blog followers to connect with you at LinkedIn: Chances are, a lot of your blog followers already have a LinkedIn account. And if they don’t, they’ll be more willing to join if they know they’re already invited to join your group. Invite them to connect with you and once they do, you can start connecting with their contacts and invite them to join your Group, too.
  5. Update your status: It sounds so simple you wonder how it can have any effect. But each time you update your status it shows on the homepage of every single person you’re connected to. Think of it as a powerful Tweet. You have 180 characters for your message and you really only need to update 2 or 3 times a week, assuming, of course, that doing other things like joining in discussions and answering questions.

These tips and the tips I discussed earlier are really just scratching the surface. The possibilities for using LinkedIn to drive traffic to your blog are unlimited and the sooner you get in there and work with it, the sooner you’ll uncover the potential.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, though, at LinkedIn quality really does matter. You won’t be able to get away with half-baked answers and a link back to your blog. Your Group members won’t tolerate you spamming them with promotional offers 2 or 3 times a day. The comments you leave need to be relevant and add to the discussion or you’ll get drummed right off the site. If you keep in mind that you’re dealing with professionals when you network at LinkedIn you might find that it’s the best marketing move you ever made.

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