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Zero Parallel Review: Your One-Stop Shop for The Best Payday Affiliate Offers

About ten years ago affiliate networks sprouted like weeds. They were everywhere. And like everything else, there were good ones and there were bad ones.

You have the Amazon’s and Walmart’s of the world, then you have a wide range of networks across an almost endless spectrum of products and services… Travel, pens, mortgages, solar panels, lawyers, and short terms loans, including payday. That’s where you’ll find the Zero Parallel Affiliate Network.

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Payday Loan Affiliate Network

Many of you may be aware that the payday loan affiliate space is facing some scrutiny from state and federal governments. In response to this, Zero Parallel has created a compliance-first mentality to their lead generation.

It starts with affiliate applications: not everyone is accepted. They want to know your marketing plan; specifically, your plan to generate leads. If your methods are considered to be more blackhat in style, you’ll be asked to make revisions.

The network says they only want the best affiliates, which helps to ensure the best traffic. They feel like it’s in the best interest of all concerned (affiliates, lenders and consumers) to recruit only the best.

Once approved as an affiliate, lead generation compliance is encouraged and enforced in a number of ways.

These include useful tips and site policies as well as an external service called “ZP Watchdog.” As far as I know, this is an unprecedented effort to combat fraud in the payday loan industry. Using the combined resources of Zero Parallel and other affiliate networks, the goal is to identify affiliates who are submitting bad and possibly fraudulent leads.


It is their hope that reducing fraud in the industry will show regulators that they are serious about self-regulation, and that they realize that providing a better environment for consumers to shop online should be the priority. It appears that Zero Parallel is going the extra mile regarding compliance.

Features of the Zero Parallel Affiliate System

The standard affiliate model is in place here, with leads being generated by the affiliate, then sending the data to Zero Parallel in one of three ways:

  1. through the landing page,
  2. by placing Zero Parallel JavaScript form on their site,
  3. Post directly to the ZP site using data collected on their own form.

Other Features include:

  • Affiliates only earn commission if the lead is sold to a lender. The commissions range from $1 to $220, depending on the quality of the lead.
  • For consumers who prefer using the phone to filling out an online form, ZP offers the “Direct Call” program (which other affiliate networks also do.) When consumers use Direct Call they are asked a series of questions and their answers are recorded with the use of an IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition.) The process is fast and growing in popularity with lenders.
  • A companion to the Direct Call Program is the “Hot Transfer” program, which automatically connects consumers who can be identified by certain data points and have called within a certain time frame, directly to a lender.

Don’t have your own website?

Zero Parallel offers affiliates the option of using their own sites or choosing from one of the ZP feeds… free of charge. All the affiliate needs is a url. And maybe the will to succeed, but that’s another post.


Network bells and whistles

So Steven, you’re saying, “this is all great, but I want to know more.”

  • We’ve already mentioned the payout range of $1 to $220. And before you roll your eyes that no one gets the top dollar figure, that is apparently not true. They openly told us that they have a number of affiliates that consistently hit the top payout on their leads. But the bigger story might be that most of their affiliates are somewhere in the middle, and they are making great income thank you very much. It’s a matter of finding the sweet spot that works for you. You will find that spot as you become more experienced.
  • They pay every week with a two week hold, but with consistent earnings that can be increased to weekly with a one week hold. From your account on the backend you are able to see if your leads are selling and if so, at what price. This information is shown in real time.
  • Comprehensive Analytics. They provide all the tools you need to optimize your campaigns and then some.
  • They also hold monthly bonus drawings for their affiliates with the prize being $3,000! You only need to generate $1,000 in revenue during that month to qualify.
  • Widget: They’ve also designed a pop-up widget for your website, so when a consumer decides to exit the page, they will be prompted with a custom notification. It’s another way of monetizing your traffic and having the consumer call and speak with a lender directly.


Like all affiliate networks, they have affiliates that use SEO and some that use PPC. ZP says there is no preference on their end, and there are no numbers showing that one is ultimately more successful than the other. It all depends on the affiliate.

Closing Thoughts

Apparently, Zero Parallel affiliate managers and lender representatives are not only experienced in affiliate marketing in general, but in the payday loan vertical specifically. This is a network that is thriving in a vertical that is under review. From what I’ve seen, it looks like they’re taking on their challenges head on.

You can find more information on the Zero Parallel Affiliate page.

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