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YouTube is the second most-searched index on the Internet, outranked only by Google.

The reason is simple: People prefer visual content to text.

Think about it.

It’s much easier to learn how to do something if someone is showing you how, rather than just telling you how.

And when you want to be entertained, you probably prefer watching something, like a movie or a music video.

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increase youtube traffic generation

However, just knowing that more and more people are turning to YouTube as a source for information, doesn’t mean those people will automatically find your videos. You have to treat YouTube like any other search engine. You have to optimize your content so it can be easily found. Here are the top 10 ways to significantly increase your YouTube traffic generation.

  1. Create a category: If you simply include your video in your blog post you readers will see it. But they may not know that you have a whole library of informative videos, just waiting for them at YouTube. Create a category for videos on your blog.
  2. Create a page: Again, embedding each of your videos on your blog is great, creating a separate category is even better, but try setting up a page that redirects to your YouTube channel so your readers can see just how large your library is.
  3. Broadcast to your list: Create a Feedburner feed for your YouTube channel and generate a weekly video broadcast for all of the subscribers on your list.
  4. Use your library as an incentive: Give your readers an incentive to opt-in to your list by offering them access to your free, weekly video broadcast. You’ll be building your list and increasing your YouTube traffic at the same time. Two birds, one stone!
  5. Optimize your channel: YouTube has it’s own search engine so you need to optimize all of your content, including profiles and video descriptions, so it can easily be found. Use keywords, including your name, the name of your site, and the keywords relevant to the content. People often search YouTube using names, too, especially once they realize you have a whole stack of videos on your channel. And don’t forget to include a link to your site on all of your videos. It’s great that they’re finding you on YouTube. But your goal is to get them to visit your blog!
  6. Engage your viewers: Comments and Shares and Likes travel fast on YouTube. Take advantage of this and start a discussion with your videos. Ask questions that engage the viewer and encourage them to leave comments.
  7. Respond to other videos: Did you know you can respond to someone else’s video with a video of your own? You can! And if you remember to include a link to your site on your video somewhere, you can attract more traffic!
  8. Share your videos: By now, it should go without saying, but just in case…Share your videos across the social networks. And there are hundreds of video sharing sites across the web. Sites like,, and to name a few. Some sites are video network sharing sites. For a small fee you can upload your video once and it’s syndicated across dozens of video sites.
  9. Be consistent: If you really want to significantly increase your YouTube traffic generation then the key is to consistently produce quality videos on a regular basis. Just like blogging, your viewers will come to count on your for a new video once or twice a week. Make sure you over-deliver on their expectations. Consistency breeds loyalty.
  10. Be the next Numa Numa guy: Be creative! We’ve all seen text-based videos and videos created using Camtasia or some other screen capture software. These are great, informative, quality videos but they’re never going to go viral. Think Numa Numa guy and create the next Internet meme.

Think of your YouTube channel as an extension of your blog, an off-site branding location. Be careful to remember the message you’re trying to convey, who your target audience is and what they’re looking for. Treat you videos like blog posts and address one specific problem at a time so your readers stay focused.

But most of all, have fun with it! Be a star in your own videos – don’t hire it out. Your viewers aren’t following you because you look like Tom Cruise or you act like a Broadway star. They’re watching your videos because they think you have awesome information and they want to connect with you! Give you viewers what they’re looking for and you’ll significantly increase your YouTube traffic because you’re a star.

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  1. Jeffreyskang

    I’ve found that creating a page of a list of featured videos – perhaps those that have great content that shows what you are all about – on the page and then a cta that gives them the choice to go to your youtube channel is way better than forcing them with a redirect to your channel.

    1. David

      That’s an interesting point. a good CTA is important in many aspects of marketing

    2. Joseph

      I think the incentives are effective in either of the two ways, although your suggestion seems to be the coolest.


  2. Julia Spenser

    Well some of the points you mentioned above were quite familiar and understandable for me, but there were also some new things, especially about channel optimization. Thanks a lot for sharing

    1. Jeffreyskang

      another great tip for channel optimization is to have a clear call to action (cta) that reminds people to subscribe. subscribers are the email list equivalent for youtube. stay away from sub4sub.

      at the end of your videos, add a clickable box that tells people how to subscribe. use the url from the subscribe button when you go to your channel when you’re not signed in.

      as an added bonus, you can charge people for subscribing to them because channels you subscribe to are added onto your channel feed. you do not want to fill that area up with useless spammers from sub4sub and similar services.

    2. Joseph

      Thanks Jeffrey for pointing out this. A clear call to action will certainly be more effective.

      As for charging, that’s another way too cool of an idea. I like it.

  3. Icciev

    Hi Steven, Youtube is a great way to increase your blog traffic. Based on my personal experience on my IP Telephony Blog I have Youtube as the second source of referral traffic from my videos their. This is the first time that I knew that you can respond to other videos, this will increase your popularity and your Youtube views. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

    1. David

      one video response I did on a popular video did ok on views. I have also found that certain video topics tend to get more views that other sorts of topics.

    2. Jeffreyskang

      topics? if the subject of your video is cats, it will probably get lots of views. in terms of turning people who watch cat videos into paying customers, i guess you *could* give out free cat food coupons.

      on the other hand, i’ve never really tried using any video with lots of attention and providing a link to say make money online offers even though it may not completely relate to each other.

  4. Affiliate Manager

    I haven’t promoted my YouTube channel at all and I get a lot of traffic from the few videos I’ve posted. Great place to generate some traffic. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Joseph

      That’s so cool. But for those who haven’t yet reached a point of authority promoting and optimizing themselves on YouTube is very helpful.

  5. Three Property

    Thats a good article but i have never promoted my videos, as long as the title is good it will get visitors. 50k views on one of my old videos, and never been promoted, that’s the beauty of youtube.

    1. David

      Wow! what is your secret to creating good video titles? Or was it just a lucky one-time shot?

    2. Jeffreyskang

      well generally, you can use the high quality HQ or high definition HD or even specify whether it is “true HD” or “true 1080p” etc.

    3. Joseph

      I agree with you. A good title (but that which is relevant with the content) is a good take.

  6. David

    if the video response is quality it is very cool. But some video responses are just like spam comments.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      yeah, at least youtube has the like/dislike bar. instead of wasting 3 minutes of your life on a pointless spammy video, it’s nice to be able to glance at the like bar, and if it’s more than half red, you know it’s a bad video.

      have you ever tried using video responses to get people to watch your other videos that may show up in the suggestions to the right? as long as the video’s meta keywords and description is similar to the other videos you want people to watch, it should show up.

    2. Joseph

      I really those spammy response videos. But at least like Jeffrey points out, the like bar is quite helpful for determining which video is a crap. But is the bar quite a determiner? I rather say not. Rebecca Black’s Friday has almost 80% dislikes but it is not a crap.

  7. Dmitriy

    I like TOP10 articles. This one is very informative. Thanks! It helps

  8. Erik Emanuelli

    Hi Steven,
    I think that Youtube is a huge source of traffic,
    if you know how to work well on video marketing.

    A lot of bloggers use YouTube as a great way to receive more targeted visitors to their websites.

    Thanks for sharing your great tips.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      not only that, but some marketers are so good at turning free or $1 customers into higher paying customers, they reach out to videos that are gaining views and advertise on their videos, even though they aren’t targeted to the offer.

  9. Joseph

    Everybody is telling the world how to increase and optimize your site, but not everybody will tell you how to optimize you YouTube videos.

    Thanks to Steven for highlighting this important issue. I enjoying reading through the article not once but twice.

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