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Ask any successful writer what they find most difficult about their profession and they’ll tell you it’s “finding their voice.” Even fiction writers who create characters out of their imagination will tell you there’s a little of their own “voice” in each character they create. To be a successful blogger you need to find your writing voice, too.

Why Do You Need To Find Your Writing Voice?

Your Voice Is Unique: No matter what you’re blogging about these days someone else has already beaten you to the punch. There’s no such thing as a non-competitive niche anymore. You can change your theme or change your graphics or use videos instead of text, but the only sure way to beat your competition is by being unique. And since there’s only one of YOU, the best way to be unique is to “speak” in your own voice.

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You’re In This For The Long Haul: You’re going to be blogging about your topic for a very long time. Every day you’re going to be creating new content, for years and years. In the beginning it might be easy to write like you have an English accent, or pretend you’ve memorized the dictionary and you have a degree in Literature, but trust me, eventually you’re going to get tired of pretending.

You’ll Build Better Relationships: Finding your own writing voice and then using it consistently enables you to make a stronger connection with your readers, which in turn leads to a larger following. If you think about it, you can probably recognize a phony from a mile away and you rarely make a personal connection with that type of person. Your readers have this same ability.

How To Find Your Own Writing Voice

What Do You Like To Read: I’ve always been an avid reader but didn’t do any writing until I started blogging. The first thing I did was take a look at some of my favorite blogs to see why I found them so attractive. In all cases it was because of the writing style.

Do I write like I talk, and do I talk like I write? Not necessarily. Over the years though, both of my voices have become more blended. Look at the blogs you like to read to get ideas for your own writing voice.

How Do You Talk To Your Friends: I’ve said before that you should write like you’re having a conversation with a friend, so really listen to these conversations and hear your own voice. More important though – what do you sound like when you’re excited, angry, frustrated, or happy? What tone of voice do you have when you’re trying to explain how to do something? And what different words do you use to express these different emotions?

Would You Read Your Own Writing: One of the best ways to develop your own writing voice is to read back over your own writing. Do you enjoy it? Do you find it engages your attention? If not, then it’s definitely time to make some changes.

Your writing voice may very well be different from your speaking voice, and that’s fine. Especially if, while speaking, you use lots of slang, profanity, or ethnic terms that might deter the average person from reading your blog. What’s most important is to find a “voice” that you feel comfortable with for the long-haul and that engages your audience.

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  1. Rick

    This is very true, perhaps more so in blogging than any other form of writing. There are so many people writing about the same stuff that having a unique voice is the only way to stand out.

    1. Steven

      You’re right Rick. Every niche is already being blogged. Unless you find your own voice, you won’t get anywhere.

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