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Throughout history, every famous speech that’s influenced an audience or a nation was first written on a piece of paper or carved into a tablet of stone. That speech may have been written by the person who delivered it or it may have been written by someone else, but the point is you, the blogger, are both the writer and the orator, and your blog is your platform. Now what message do you have for your audience?

As a blogger, it’s easy to forget you’re addressing an audience because it’s just you and your monitor in that room. But it’s important to remember that real human beings are reading your blog and you have the floor. They’re hanging on your every word. Get it right, and you can influence their decisions.

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The Benefits Of Improving Your Writing

Uniqueness: Anyone can present, news, data, or facts, and for many bloggers that’s exactly what they do. They simply regurgitate information they’ve read elsewhere. Your readers are coming to your blog to find out why that information is important to you, why it’s important to them, and how they can use that information to improve their lives. They’re looking for your unique viewpoint and that means you need to know how to express your viewpoint in writing so your readers can understand it. Otherwise, you’re just like all those other bloggers.

Reader engagement: In order for a reader to like your blog and like your content he has to be able to understand the message you’re conveying and your message has to make an impact. Sometimes that means you need to know how to use words that tug at his emotions or enable him to visualize something so it really sticks in his mind.

Increased productivity: Let’s face it, blogging is all about writing. Writing blog posts, writing guest blog posts, writing ebooks and white papers and press releases. If you’re a poor writer who struggles with every single word it can take days to create one high-quality post, and you can forget about all that other stuff because you just won’t have time. Learn how to write better and you’ll increase your productivity.

Promotion: Eventually you’re going to have to do all that writing if you want to promote your blog. So it’s now or never.

How To Become A Better Writer

Read more: I can’t stress this enough. Read. Read a lot. Read other blogs, read books, read newspapers and magazines. And while you’re reading, pay attention to the different writing styles. There are award-winning novelists who will tell you that it’s a complete waste of time to take a writing course. The only way to develop your own writing voice is to read a lot, pay attention to what type of writing draws you in, and then practice, practice, practice. But first – READ. Read a lot.

Listen to yourself talk: How do you talk when you’re talking with your friends? Because that’s the voice you want to use on your blog. Trying to force yourself to write like you’re Shakespeare or Stephen King or some big, fancy rocket scientist is the worst thing you can do. One of the best ways to be a better writer is just write like you’re talking to your friends. After all, the people who read your blog are your friends, too.

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  1. Pete

    I’ve been what you might call an intermittent blog writer for a few years.

    I remember when I was in Thailand about 5 years ago having a spurt of writing blog posts about the yoga teacher training course I was taking and the people I was meeting.

    Then I stopped and about a year later wrote a blogpost to fill in the gaps of what I’d been doing. Somehow I must have imagined I had a fanclub of eager readers longing to know where I’d been for the last months!

    Anyway, I think consistency is key to blogging, whether it be daily, weekly or even monthly. So my intention as I’m about to start blogging again on my new “Healing Haven” website for The Sanctuary Holistic Healing Retreat Center in Mexico, is to write like I speak to my friends and to be consistent :-)

    Peace and Love

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Pete.

  2. Deon Fialkov

    Nice posting.

    Definitely agree with what is mentioned. There are so many bloggers on the internet and there are so many blogs. I’m drawn to well-written, creative bloggers like you.

    Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Deon!

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