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Writing Guest Post: Want to Guest Post?

More and more bloggers are finding out that they can often get better results with one well-placed guest blog post than they can with 10 or 12 articles placed in those cluttered article directories. As a result, owners of high-ranking blogs are being bombarded with email, asking if they’ll accept guest blog posts and what are their requirements. If you really want to write a guest post for a blog and guarantee it’s accepted, then the first thing you need to do is read the blog.

You’re not the only one trying to get your guest posts published and in response to this ever-growing mountain of publishing requests many blog owners have set up pages, right there on their blog, that give you their guidelines for acceptance. But you wouldn’t know that if you’re not actually reading the blog.

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The first rule of guest blogging is: Read the blog. Many hopeful guest bloggers are turned down flat – even if they have great quality posts – simply because they didn’t read the blog owner’s guidelines for submission. And if they did, they didn’t follow the rules. High-profile bloggers don’t have time to sift through your emails and they’ve established those guidelines for one reason: If you don’t follow the rules they don’t read your post which immediately helps clear their desk and makes it easier to find a winner among the bloggers who did follow the rules.

But finding the guidelines so you can get your poorly-written, link-laden guest blog post accepted isn’t the only reason you should read the blog. Reading the blog helps you write a better guest post – one that will more likely avoid the waste basket and see the light of day.

Because of the proliferation of poor-quality guest posts, written by guest bloggers who are only out for a link, more and more blog owners are being careful about what they accept for publication on their blogs. And they have to because their reputations and rankings are at stake.

They don’t want your spun, PLR articles or the articles you paid someone two bucks to write. They want informative, original content, with a unique viewpoint. They want content that’s well-written, engaging, and articulate. And most important, they want content their readers will find helpful and relevant.

The only way you can provide this type of content is to understand that blog’s target audience. What are they looking for? What questions do they have? What’s the hot topic on everyone’s mind these days? And the only way you can do that is to Read. The. Blog.

Too many article directories were smacked down in the various Google updates and blog owners who’ve spent years building up reputable, high-quality blogs are not going to allow that same thing to happen to their businesses. If you want to write a guest post and have any hope of getting it published you need to step up, read the blog, and do the work.


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  1. Allie

    Bingo! Please get a feel of what the readers and the blog owner needs.

    And when you do write that email to them don’t address it just “Dear'” or, my personal favorite “Dear Sir or Madame,”. That will get you to the spam box for sure.

    When you write that email tell them exactly what they have to gain from you writing for them in terms of a great article and visits from your readers.


    1. Steven

      Reminds me of the email I’m receiving on a daily basis: “Dear Sir, I’ve recently been reading your blog and I especially liked you article about [insert topic here]. I’d like to contribute a guest post to your awesome blog. All I request is 1 or 2 links in the body of the post to my website about [insurance/other subject totally unrelated to Dukeo]”

      I don’t even bother replying since I know it’s a template that probably gets spammed thousands of times every day.

  2. Jami Greene

    Very helpful information. Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely follow this advice.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for your comment Jami

  3. Angie Nelson

    Amen! And please don’t be elusive. If you don’t let me know who you are, what you have to offer and *what site you plan to link to,* I will have to assume you are some freelancer looking for client links rather than a website owner genuinely interested in connecting with my readers. The former can be found in my Deleted Items folder. ;)

    1. Steven

      I’m glad to see we have the same thinking regarding freelancers and agencies who only guest post for links ;)

  4. Jacob Curtis

    Read the blog, and do the work.

    Write that down. My biggest take away from this post.

    I would also include links to your own website/blog or other industry based guest articles you’ve done as well in your initial.

    You may as well provide links to these sites because the webmaster will be Googling your name anyway.

    1. Steven

      Adding links to previous work is always nice. Thanks for sharing this Jacob.

  5. Beth Agnew

    Yes! It’s about time we clamped down on bad content generated on the cheap merely to get a link. Instead of supporting a glut of quantity on the Internet, we all need to celebrate quality. If you really want credibility, write great articles that others clamor to read, share, and comment on. Give, before you get.

    1. Steven

      Great comment Beth! When I receive a guest post submission that seems to be coming from an agency or a freelancer, I quickly google the name and if I can’t find any related blog, it goes straight into my spam folder.

    2. David Walizer

      I want to reduce spam too but I think focusing on the source of the guest submission instead of the content quality is a mistake. What if the guest was writing on a topic for the first time or expresses a view that runs counter to conventional thinking? There must be a way (up/down voting?) to add to the discussion without getting clogged with spam.

  6. Wanda Anglin

    Steven, very good points, not only about reading the blog, but also to ensure your pitch does NOT sound like a canned email. To up your odds even more, I suggest following the blog author(s) in Twitter, Facebook, or other social communities for a while to get a sense of their interests and what they are currently talking about then suggest a post related to what they are tuned into. Stalking? Maybe, but they are on social media to be followed! ;-)

    1. Steven

      These are some very good suggestions Wanda

  7. Frithjof

    That makes a lot of sense.
    Actually I would be happy to have someone guest-post on my little social media blog.
    Any tips for attracting quality content?


    1. Steven

      The tip would be to have a quality blog in the first place ;)

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