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WordPress List Building: How To Easily Build an Email List on Your Blog

There comes a time when every blogger wants to start building an email list. It’s really the closest, most personal contact you can have with your followers. How easy is it to build an email list on WordPress? Setting up the form itself is a piece of cake. You just copy and paste a few lines of code. Getting people to join your list isn’t quite as easy but the following tips will help.

How To Install An Opt-In Form On WordPress

First, let’s address the issue of using your own hosting company email to handle your list. After all, it’s free so why not use it, right? You could but you want to build a big list and the email that comes with your web hosting may not be able to handle the traffic. You also won’t have access to stats and you won’t be able to schedule out autoresponder messages.

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In some cases, too, the email that comes with your web hosting doesn’t have the opt-in feature that forces subscribers to click through to confirm that they agree to accept your emails. This is one important feature you must have to protect yourself from spam complaints.

So your best option is to start right off with a company dedicated to nothing but providing an email service, like Aweber or iContact. They’re very inexpensive to start with and loaded with features you’re going to appreciate once you start getting subscribers.

After you set up your account and create your opt-in form it’s easy to install it in just about any location on your WordPress blog. I like to build up nice squeeze pages and put the form right there at the bottom and then put the same form in a widget in my sidebar, too. Then, a few times a month I’ll write a blog post that relevant and link it to that sales page.

You can also create several forms for different reasons and just paste the code right into a blog post. And I’ve also placed it in the header and/or footer of my blog when needed.

How To Get More Subscribers

You’ll soon learn that the best way to get your readers to do anything is to tell them what you want them to do. Internet readers have very short attention spans and most have learned to block out images and banners and such and focus solely on the content of your articles. Believe it or not, that opt-in form could be flashing neon colors and most will still not see it.

Once a week or so, remind people to join your mailing list to get your free newsletter or your free download or whatever you’re offering. Put it right there in a blog post. And put the form right there in the post, too, even though you already have it plastered all over your blog. Leave nothing to chance. If your readers have to look over to the sidebar to find your opt-inf form, chances are they won’t.

You’ll find that each time you bring it to their attention you’ll get a few more subscribers, people who never realized before that you had a free newsletter because they never bothered to pay attention to your sidebar. So, the best way to easily build an email list on any blog is to simply tell your readers to join your list.

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  1. Jacek

    Creating newsletter is one of the ways to drive in traffic to your blog. I’d recommend for those who don’t even want to spend $1 to use MailChaimp.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Jacek.

      People should remember that if they go the cheap route by using MailChimp, they won’t be able to easily migrate their mailing list to any other service in the future.

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