Who is Tyler Cruz?

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Who is Tyler Cruz?

The “Who is” post list is getting longer every single week! It already featured Joel Comm and Ryan Eagle. Moving forward with the post series, today’s post is all about a quite famous blogger: Tyler Cruz.

Tyler Cruz

Tyler Cruz: Who’s The Guy?

Tyler is a 20-something years old, web-entrepreneur and a blogger living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. He operates a company named Merendi Networks Inc. that does business in several areas of online economy.

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You could also consider Tyler as a video games geek since he always enjoys a good game such as Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Civilization IV, and Oblivion.

TylerCruz.com: What is it All About?

As a blogger, Tyler’s main focus is on TylerCruz.com where he posts stuff about his progress, challenges and failures as an Internet Marketer. His blog posts are going from blogging tips, inspiration and competition, affiliate marketing, reviews, contest and competitions, to personal posts.

His personal blog was launched in the fall of 2005 after posting a consequent thread on a large webmaster forum that sparked some interest in him launching a blog. The rest is history.

Tyler’s blog is not exactly the same as other “Make Money Online” blogs since he never intended to give lessons to people about how to make a living online. It’s just a place for him to share his personal experiences. He doesn’t give push-button methods on there. TylerCruz.com is more a kind of personal journal documenting his own trip to online wealth.

Tyler Cruz and Website Flipping

Aside from his main online activities, he sometimes goes into other areas of online entrepreneurship such as website and domain flipping: acquiring and selling domain names and fully operational websites.

Tyler Cruz and PublisherChallenge.com

At some point, Tyler was launching a huge number of challenges to other affiliates on his personal blog. As a consequence, he decided to launch a whole website dedicated to this: Publisher Challenge was born.

The concept is quite simple: as a publisher, you signup on the site, then you pick some networks and you enter challenges with other publishers (Tyler taking a commission on all the transactions). The concept was quite fun but after some advertisers ,such as Market Leverage, decided to leave the project, it simply stopped working.

It’s been quite some time since we saw any activity on Publisher Challenge, but apparently Tyler wants to restart this project in 2011… We’ll see how it goes.

Tyler Cruz and PokerForums.org

Poker Forums has almost always been Tyler’s biggest money maker since its launch in 2004. It even went as high as $12,000 per month. At some point, Tyler tried to diversify by launching several other websites but eventually lost focus on his Poker Forums. Tyler wanted to bring it back life in 2011 but, as it was taking too much of his time, he decided to sell it for an unknown price.

Tyler Cruz and RobotWarz.com

From the various posts Tyler made about RobotWarz, it’s not hard to figure out that this is probably the worst nightmare of all online entrepreneurs.

The initial concept was interesting: developing a Robot War game where people can actually buy some premium items to beats their opponents more easily (ok, nothing new here… Free 2 Play + Premium Items).

This game was clearly not revolutionary, but if it works for others and if the game is well developed, why couldn’t it work for Tyler… Well, the problem is that he keeps facing issues with the development.

RobotWarz is not yet finished, but Tyler is not even hoping to make a decent income from this game anymore. He just wants to get it out of his to-do list. Seeing the number of problems he had to face, I just don’t understand why he didn’t drop the project earlier. He probably got “in love” with the project and disregarded numerous warnings.

Tyler Cruz and PublisherSpot.com

Publisher Spot was developed to become a valuable resource for web publishers and affiliate marketers. Its first goal was to become THE resource for reviews of advertising and affiliate networks.

Apparently, the latest update to this site was posted on Oct 20th, 2010, so I am not sure it is still alive. Moreover, it now has to face tough competition with sites such as Affiliate Paying on the grid.

Tyler Cruz and Movie-Vault.com

In 2009 and early 2010, Tyler did an entire revamp of Movie-Vault which was long awaited. In 2010, Tyler successfully added more content to the Movie Vault but failed to bring fresh traffic from social media to it. Movie Vault has some good content and a nice business model, Tyler should definitely do some aditionnal work on it to get more exposure and traffic.

Apparently, Tyler is already getting to it and trying to get some atention from movie and movie-related websites as well as popular forum communities.

Tyler Cruz’s Earnings: is he a Super Affiliate?

From the information I gather in a few blog posts, Tyler is making a small 6 figures yearly income. For a lot of us, this is nothing impressive, but considering that his work-time/free-time balance is quite lax, it is no surprise. Apparently, Tyler does consider himself making a comfortable income online so everything is fine with that.

Tyler Cruz’s Goals, is he Missing Something?

As I am following Tyler’s blog as well as his Twitter, I have seen him several times making posts such as: “I started blogging same time as John Chow and I’m not anywhere close to his earnings”. Here is a quote from Tyler’s website that may explain it all:

To be honest, I’m perfectly happy with what I’m making now. However, I’d consider myself extremely happy if I could bring in a consistent $25,000-$30,000 a month. That’d be enough to help me be financially independent for the rest of my life and do let me do whatever I wanted.

I think this quote reflects exactly what he is missing to get to the next level with his online business: motivation. He now stands in his comfort zone. He is satisfied with his current earnings and is not putting himself in too much danger.

While this may appear as a clever move to stay on the safe side, it also does prevent him to go any further and I doubt he will hit any big-time success with such a mindset.


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  1. Affiliate Paying

    Steven, your artist just made another amazing caricature! ;)

    1. Steven

      I think so, he keeps impressing me a little more every week.

  2. Affiliate Manager

    I think you’ve outlined Tyler’s past pretty well. I wonder what he’ll end up doing with RobotWarz.

  3. First Website

    Yet another interesting Who Is post! Great work Steven. Who will be next?

  4. Webdesign Inspiration

    TylerCruz.com is among the first blogs about Making Money Online that I discovered.. I have been reading it on a regular basis ever since.

    1. Steven

      I’m a regular reader too. I particularly enjoy his post series about seo results.

  5. Flash Games

    Tyler looks like an interesting guy… Maybe lacking some motivation, but still interesting.

    1. Steven

      Apparently he bought a new site recently… I’m looking forward to see which site it is and what he is going to do with it.

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