Who is Shawn Collins?

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Who is Shawn Collins?

Moving forward with the “Who is” post series. After featuring dk and Darren Rowse, here comes the fifth person: Shawn Collins who is mostly known for being the co-creator, with Missy Ward, of Affiliate Summit which grew to become one of the biggest event in the Internet Industry. But let’s take things back from the start…

Shawn Collins

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Shawn Collins, The Man Behind the Screen

Shawn Collins got his first computer in 1994 when he was a year out of College.

He had several jobs with low pay-grades at that time: a hotel front desk for $5.50 an hour, an assistant manager at a Blockbuster store for $7.50 an hour, an administrative position for $10 an hour…

His very first website was a one-paged mini-site about New York City and the things he liked there. Being supported by his friends and family, he kept this webpage updated and added new content regularly.

He discovered Amazon.com Affiliate Program in the middle of 1997 and got pretty excited by the opportunity of making a little extra-cash from his webpage. He did put some affiliate links to books about New York City on his site and waited for the money to pile up in his account.

At that time, there was no live reports. Amazon was only sending quaterly reports through email. His first commission report has been quite a disapointment as he made an amazing: $0.00.

This was still the early age of the internet and there was no blogs or podcasts to share information about methods to make money online but seeing the potential in affiliate marketing, he didn’t give up.

After making book reviews for an aditionnal 3 months, he received his second report. This time, he had made $20.00. This sounds like pocket change to many of us, but it was the proof of concept he needed to get serious about this.

He convinced his wife that they should invest in a domain name to get things to the next level, then he started working extensive hours on his site, VelocityNYC.com, to keep improving it.

It was already time for the third quaterly report from Amazon: this time he made $75.00 and understood that if he kept doubling or tripling his earnings he could make some serious cash.

After working this hard on increasing his commissions from Amazon.com, he discovered that there was a lot more than just Amazon Affiliate Program to make money from a website. He stumbled upon Refer-it.com: a search engine for affiliate programs which allowed Shawn to widen the scope of products he could push to his website visitors.

His fourth quarterly report from Amazon.com came in and he had improved again: $300.00. He was all pumped up by these results as Affiliate Marketing started paying for a lot of his bills: it was the starting point of Shawn’s online carrer.

From this point on, he worked on scaling up his game. He bought some new domains such as babylounge.com (which is now redirected to Shawn wife’s Blog: Ask The Mama) because he was soon to be a father, and started writing content for them.

Who is Shawn Collins in the Internet Industry?

Shawn Collins has been working as an affiliate marketer since 1997. During his 14 years in the performance marketing industry, he led an important number of affiliation projects.

Shawn also worked for over 10 years as an affiliate manager.

Shawn is also a proficient blogger writing on several web properties such as Affiliate Tip and GeekCast.fm.

It is important to notice that Shawn is a very important person in the Internet Industry and that he has been quoted in an important quantity of publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Internet Retailer, Inc. Magazine, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Blogger at Affiliate Tip

As I said just before, Shawn writes regularly about Performance Marketing and the Internet Industry on his personnal blog: Affiliate Tip. He also posts new videos on a regular basis on the Affiliate Tip TV channel on YouTube.

Co-founder of Affiliate Summit

Shawn Collins is a co-founder of Affiliate Summit with Missy Ward. In 2003, they created this event for the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest industry issues and fostering a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers.

Back in 2003, Affiliate Marketing Conferences had a very negative connotation. At that time, the most popular event was an annual cruise around the Caribbean called Affiliate Force. Shawn Collins and Missy Ward were part of the organizing team of these conferences, but due to different point of views in the way these events should be handled, they were dismissed. As a result, they decided to create an alternative shortly after the April 2003 edition of Affiliate Force.

The first Affiliate Summit East took place in November 2003 in NYC with 200 attendees. Shawn’s and Missy’s intent was to create another kind of event focused on content and networking. Fast forward to 2011, Affiliate Summit has become one of the leading conference and tradeshow in the affiliate marketing industry.

The event is so popular that it is usually sold out and it features the biggest names in internet marketing both as speakers and attendees such as ShoeMoney, John Chow or dk.

Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine

FeedFront is the official magazine of Affiliate Summit. This magazine is filled with resources, ideas and opinions from Internet Marketing visionary entrepreneurs. FeedFront claims to be for futurists and next-gen internet marketers.

Founder of GeekCast.fm

GeekCast.fm is a collection of podcasts for web-fanatics. It covers all areas of Internet marketing, including affiliate marketing, social media, video, search engine marketing, and mobile.

On GeekCast.fm, Shawn co-hosts the weekly Affiliate Thing podcast.

Shawn Collins, Book Author

Shawn is the author of the book “Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants” which is considered as a must-read for every Affiliate Manager. He also participated as an editor and contributor to “Internet Marketing from the Real Experts”.

Shawn Collins, Author of AffStat Report

Each year, Shawn publishes the annual AffStat Affiliate Marketing BenchMark Report. This research, analysis and benchmarking report for the affiliate marketing industry is regularly quoted by trade publications such as JupiterMedia properties and Internet Retailer.

Shawn Collins, Creator of The Extra Money Answer

The Extra Money Answer is the site that Shawn wish he could have discovered in 1997 when he was just starting making money online.

On this site, Shawn shares step-by-step instructions for people who want to learn how to earn money as affiliate marketers. It provides lessons, tips, mistakes, failures and successes.

Update: Shawn Collins is definitely a nice guy! After ShoeMoney ahd John Chow, he is the third person featured in the “Who is” series who posted some positive feedback about his biography post. He even did it a second time in a row. Thank you Shawn for sharing this post with your 10.5k twitter followers.


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  1. Affiliate Paying

    Who made the caricature? So awesome! :)

    1. Steven

      I hired a great artist to do that. I just love his work.

    2. Shawn Collins

      Thanks a lot for the profile and art – it really is impressive work.

    3. Steven

      I’m glad you like it. I tried my best :)

  2. Fazal Mayar

    haha i luv the caricatures and happy birthday, I know im late. 30 years old isn’t few. Hope you had a good one steven.

  3. First Website

    From what I read about him, Shawn Collins seems like he is a great guy.
    I hope his latest project (The Extra Money Answer) will work as expected, and I have no doubt about that because he must have some good leverage thanks to affiliate summit.

    1. Shawn Collins

      Thanks – I am excited to help some people with the site. I am waiting on a re-design right now, and when that’s in place, I’ll be posting content frequently to it.

  4. Flash Games

    That’s interesting to see that he kept his very first domain VelocityNYC.com :)

    1. Shawn Collins

      Yeah, I registered VelocityNYC.com out to 2018, so it will be 20 years old by the time it’s up for renewal again. :)

  5. Dana

    Isn’t he a little bigheaded since Affiliate Summit reached such a success?

    1. Shawn Collins

      Why do you say that?

    2. Steven

      I don’t think so.

      After doing the research for this post and gathering some info about Shawn, it really sounds like he stayed himself.

      That’s definitely not the case for everyone in this industry when they reach any kind of success, but when I contacted him, I found that he stayed very simple: he has been really nice and friendly.

  6. Billy Kay

    Look at all those job titles!!! Apparently, Shawn hasn’t found his niche yet :) JK – he excels at everything he touches. PLUS, people always comment on his career successes. They forget that he’s also a wonderful person and proud parent. Neither pays well, but, they define him more then his career. Best/Billy

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