Who is Martin “Finch” Osborn?

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Who is Martin “Finch” Osborn?

This week’s “Who is” post is a little different from the previous ones that featured some amazing individuals such as Ian Fernando and Yaro Starak.

Martin “Finch” Osborn is not specifically known for any “big” project or website. Maybe he has some, but he didn’t make that information public yet. I’ve been wanting to talk about him in the “Who is” post series because his blog is among the few that I really enjoy reading on a regular basis.

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I like his content and I like his style. That is well worth being featured along with the big guys I already talked about!

Martin “Finch” Osborn

Martin Osborn is a 23 year old affiliate marketer from London, England who’s currently living in Thailand. Martin “Finch” Osborn always wanted to work for himself. He never finished college and he never went to University.

Finch have always had a very clear picture in his head of how he want to succeed. He ended up quitting his day job with digital agencies as technical support at 21 and started his own business.

Martin Finch Osborn

Martin “FinchSells” Osborn

Finch started his blog “FinchSells” on April 28, 2009 (Already two years!) with the goal of spreading some kind of marketing wisdom that hadn’t yet been heard. FinchSells eventually became Finch’s attempt to entertain and provide perspective for real affiliates.

FinchSells is not about selling pipe dreams or jet set lifestyle. It is not either about sharing Finch’s favorite movie or relationship status. FinchSells is all about Finch sharing his thoughts and ideas about the internet marketing industry.

Martin “FinchBlogs” Osborn

While developing his online business, Finch took some distance from one of his main interests: Writing. He may have had to focus on stuff that was actually helping him pay the bills, and that’s not something you can easily do with writing.

However, not so long ago, Finch came back to his first love: blogging. As he explains it perfectly on FinchBlogs, blogs can be used for several aspects of an online business, such as building an online brand that earns you money, but blogs can also enhance your professional reputation and arise networking opportunities.

Where FinchSells focuses on confirmed affiliate marketers, FinchBlogs is an attempt to reach ordinary people with a talent for writing or understanding the web.

Martin Osborn, What else?

From what I read, Finch still has a lot of dreams. One of which is to be a published writer and earn the respect of the people he works with. That’s the least I could hope for him since I always enjoy his blog posts!


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  1. Affiliate Manager

    I really enjoy how Finch writes. I’ve been reading his blog for awhile now and not only are his articles packed full of information, but they’re always entertaining as well :)

    1. Steven

      He is definitely one of the bloggers that found his personal writing style and that makes his posts truly enjoyable!

    2. Affiliate Paying

      Finch delivers!

      Excellent caricature BTW! :)

  2. Lela London

    As the person who has to bear with Finch day in and day out, I have to commend the caricature. You’ve captured Finchessence.

    Brava. ;)

    1. Steven

      You lady are a courageous woman ;) Thank you for the kind words.

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