Who is Logan Thompson?

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Who is Logan Thompson?

The “Who is” post series keeps getting longer and longer and it already featured a lot of amazing people such as Andrew Wee and Riley Pool.

This week’s Who Is post is about another very interesting blogger called Logan Thompson. He has been present in the industry for quite some time and has always shared some highly valuable information. His expertise is so appreciated that he even already spoke at Affiliate Summit West 2011 about Improving the Affiliate/Affiliate Manager Relationship.

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Logan Thompson’s Background

Logan Thompson is a happily married, father since April 2010, fellow affiliate marketer from Vancouver, Washington. He has a few passions in life: Marketing, Beer, Football, Basketball, Drums, volunteering at his church and spending time with his wife.

Since college, Logan has never stopped building affiliate websites and he also works as an Affiliate Manager for one program.

If you want to learn more about Logan’s goals in life, I invite you to check his Bucket List. I always enjoy this kind of lists as I think that knowing what people want to achieve in life is a great way to learn more about them.

Logan Thompson

Logan Thompson and University

Logan received his bachelors degree of business from Western Washington University in 2004, with a focus in marketing.

While he was in college, Logan started building Affiliate websites to generate money in order to pay the bills during his studies.

The money he generated through is affiliate websites was enough for him not to have to work at a regular job through college.

Logan Thompson and Online Marketing

What got Logan started in Affiliate Marketing is the freedom it gives to him as well as the ability to freely manage his time. Affiliate Marketing allows his to spend his time doing the things he likes.

Logan Thompson and Blink Source

After graduating from Western Washington University, Logan worked a few random jobs in the Web Design Industry. Then he decided to start his own Internet Marketing company: Blink Source.

Blink Source is the typical Internet Marketing company: it creates and develops content-based websites and blogs through PPC, SEO, media buys and Offline marketing. What diferentiates it from the competition is the focus that is put on integrity and ethics. (From what I read about Logan, you can trust his word on this one.)

Logan Thompson and LoganThompson.me

Logan Thompson started his personal blog on May 13, 2008. His blog, cleverly named: LoganThompson.me, intends to further his readers knowledge of affiliate marketing and design from an ethical standpoint. If you are looking for info about affiliate marketing, LoganThompson.me is definitely a place where you should stop by from time to time.

Logan Thompson and BlogAboutBeer.com

When you are a blogger and you have a passion for beer there is nothing more natural than having a blog about beer, and this is exactly what Logan did with BlogAboutBeer.com.

Blog About Beer was originally launched, as a resource for better beer, beer news and fun beer stuff, in August 2007 by Luke Livingston, owner of Baxter Brewing in Lewiston, Maine.

Logan decided to buy this blog in June 2010 from Luke. At that time Luke was opening his own brewery and Logan felt like it was a good opportunity to get involved in the beer industry and beer lovers community.

Logan Thompson and Helping Our World

What makes Logan and Blink Source special is their shopping site called Shop Hunger. The model is pretty easy to understand: it uses affiliate programs to redirect its visitors to relevant offers and the affiliate commission is then used to help people who are in need.

This is the kind of projects that truly makes the difference between people who are greedy and people who care about others. Congratulations for this one, Logan.

Let’s end this post with a quote from the Bible (Luke 12:15) that Logan cited when interviewed by Jonathan Volk:

Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.


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  1. Affiliate Manager

    I had the pleasure of meeting Logan at ASW in Las Vegas. He’s a good guy that really knows this industry. Happy to see him featured :)

    1. Steven

      I haven’t had the chance to meet him in person yet but he certainly sounds like a friendly guy. I’m looking forward to meeting him at an upcoming Affiliate Summit!

  2. Logan Thompson

    Thanks Steven for the write up. It looks like you did some research. :-)

    1. Manual

      :) Nice to see the Avatar of this article in this comments list.

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