Who is Justin “Buddy” Dupre?

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Who is Justin “Buddy” Dupre?

Here comes another post in the “Who is” series! A lot of very interesting people in the Internet Marketing and Make Money Online niche such as Yaro Starak and Martin Osborn have already been featured.

Before launching Dukeo, I was trying to find some people who are already established in the niche and help them in any way I can, hoping they would share my name with their audience. This is exactly what happened with Justin Dupre! I saw on Twitter that he was looking for someone to do some html/css markup for one of his project and I offered him some help for “free” (no money but I asked for some exposure), and it worked. Thanks Justin for that!

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Justin Buddy Dupre

Justin “Buddy” Dupre: A little Background Info

Justin Dupre was born on January 19th, 1988. He is an American citizen living and working in Thailand. Since the middle of 2008, he is working as an affiliate marketer and internet marketing consultant focusing on PPC and PPM campaigns. As a result he has been able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Justin “Buddy” Dupre: Thailand, what else?

When he reached 18, he joined an international exchange program: Rotary Youth Exchange, which sent him to a province in the North of Thailand: Lampang. This Thailand thing was supposed to be temporary as Justin was planning to finish his college in Tokyo, Japan. I said “supposed” because Justin really enjoyed his time in Thailand and decided to just stay there for a longer time since he loved the people, food, and the ease of Thai life.

Studying overseas comes at a cost, and Justin didn’t have the money to pay for that, so he needed a loan to pay for College. After doing some research, he realized that American banks wouldn’t let him take a loan if he was studying in a Thai university. He searched, and found the only US university in Thailand: Webster University in Hua-Hin.

Justin “Buddy” Dupre and Webster University

Justin’s time at Webster University was not that great for several reasons: first of all, it was located in Hua-Hin. Even if the vast majority of us would love to live in a beach town, it was not Justin’s thing. Moreover, there was not much to do there for a 18 years old college student.

Another reason why Justin disliked his time in Webster was because the majority of the students there were either exchange students from the international network or international students already living in Thailand. Don’t forget that one of the reasons that made him stay in Thailand in the first place, was because he liked being with Thais.

Justin “Buddy” Dupre Thailand-based Blogger

The only solution Justin had, was to make some money of his own and pay for a Thai university for himself. After an experience as an english teacher in Silapakorn University in Phetchaburi, he randomly stumbled upon the big make money online blogs and decided to start his own. He took the somewhat-usual route: started with a blogger blog, then registered his own domain.

Justin “Buddy” Dupre Thailand-based Freelance Writer

After starting blogging, he quickly realized it was not the good way for him to make the cash he needed. This is when he got into freelance writing and cleverly used his blog to promote his writing service, but it was still not enough money for him to reach the financial level he wanted.

Justin “Buddy” Dupre Thailand-based Affiliate Marketer

As a freelance writer, he was writing articles in various niches such as insurances and health/diet. It didn’t take long before he started wondering how some people were able to pay him that much for his articles. He did some research and found out about niche blogging and affiliate networks.

He invested a whoping $250 into testing some offers on Facebook: on his first day he broke even, on the second day he was making profits!

Justin “Buddy” Dupre and JustinDupre.com

There is not much to say about Justin’s blog: JustinDupre.com… His posting frequency is quite low (I assume he must be pretty busy with other sides of his business) but I almost always enjoy his posts (except when it’s about giving cats). Justin has an interesting writing-style and delivers valuable information when he posts. You should definitely check his blog!

Justin “Buddy” Dupre: Landing Pages Marketplace

If you are into affiliate marketing and you’re not already using some of Justin’s landing page, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Not everyone is able to design quality landers and this is exactly what this marketplace is all about. It is an alternative source for landing pages, creatives, and other useful marketing tools. Moreover, the good thing is that everything comes at a very low price!

Here is a quote of Justin describing his marketplace:

Think of it of my way as trying to help out the affiliate community by offering access to cheap landing pages and other creatives to get you off your feet. I know designers and programmers can cost you an arm and a leg when you are starting out, which is why this place is here for you!

Justin “Buddy” Dupre: Facebook Ads Services

Another very useful resource that Justin did put together in the Internet Marketing niche is FBAdServices.com. The name of the service is pretty self-explanatory: advertising services on Facebook.

These services are targeted to individual affiliate marketers, small local businesses and even larger public corporations.

I doubt a lot of affiliate marketers are going to ask another affiliate marketer to make their campaign, but who knows… Facebook is huge marketing-wise and the demand from companies to run some campaigns there is not going to slow down anytime soon.

Justin “Buddy” Dupre: Affreeliate.com

Once again, this website name is pretty self-explanatory: a wordplay around the words affiliate and free (hmm clever). Affreeliate.com is a completely free to access community with a goal to put together free resources for affiliates.

In a way, I like the idea: I’m always searching around in my bookmarks the websites for this or that when I need it, so the idea of putting a bunch of free resources all in the same place is quite engaging.

On the other side, this looks like another semi-evil plot from an affiliate marketer to build a niche user-base in order to market them later.

As this project is really new, I’ll just wait and see because it looks like it has a lot of potential.

Justin “Buddy” Dupre: Final Words

Thanks to the several sides of his online business, Justin makes enough to be financially independent: schooling, condo, travels… Everything is going fine for him and I’ll be following his Entrepreneur career with a lot of interest!

How amazing is that I was able to write a full blog post about Justin Dupre and Thailand without mentioning Thai Ladyboys even once? … Damn, I did it!


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  1. Donna

    Hi Steven

    Great post! I’ve only been following your blog and Justin’s for a few weeks but both of your blogs are inspiring. And I didn’t know Justin started out as a writer. That means there’s hope for me, too! :) In fact, I’ve just put up my first FB ads this morning so keep up the great work – I’m paying attention!

    1. Steven

      Hey Donna! I wish you the best success with your newly launched Facebook campaigns :)

  2. Steve Howe

    I am totally jealous! How much do I need to pay you for my own cartoon character of myself! You are talented!

    1. Steven

      Steve, you know what? Justin paid me absolutely nothing to get his caricature done, that’s the beauty of it ;)

      Well, if you insist, for one thousand dollars, I’ll get your caricature done! hehe

      I’ll forward the positive comments to the artist I hired!

  3. Justin Dupre

    As a result he has been able to generate tens of thousands of dollars.

    FIX PLEASE AHHHH! Should be hundreds. I ain’t that broke.

    But thanks for the blog post! The extra exposure on my other related affiliate projects are def. needed and appreciated… and the characture is awesome! Lovin’ it Steven!

    1. Steven

      Hehe, that’s fixed already ;) Glad you like the caricature and the post!

  4. Nigel

    Great post! That’s the best caricature I have ever seen. Please out the designer now! :)

    1. Steven

      I won’t give out the name of my artist since I don’t want to see copycats appearing in my niche. But if you want your own caricature, you can always enter my contest ;)

  5. Kasper Christensen

    Awesome post! I often step by Justin’s site, and followed a post regarding this one.. Many things I didn’t know about him.. Really appreciated it!

  6. Curious

    Any news from millionaire Justin Dupre ?

    1. Steven

      I have absolutely no idea where he is.

      The domain name for his blog is expired, and the same goes for every other domain I know he owned.

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