Who is Jonathan Volk?

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Who is Jonathan Volk?

Time is running out so fast… Here comes the “Who is” post series again! So far, the “Who is” series featured some very interesting people: Shawn Collins and Zac Johnson. This seventh post features another very famous blogger in the “make money online” industry: Jonathan Volk.

Jonathan Volk

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Jonathan Volk is (still) a young Super Affiliate living in the Bay Area, close to San Francisco, CA. What may define him is an almost-constant reference to the fact that his goal in making money online is not only to pile up the riches for himself, but also to affect the lives of many people. He is a very religious guy involved with his local church to help his community.

Jonathan is happily married since 2009 to Maria who he had dated for more than 7 years before. When he is writing about Maria, you can definitely understand that he is truly in love with her, and they are looking forward to growing with each other in both professional and personal lives.

Jonathan Volk: A Born Salesman

That’s very interesting to see that, as Zac Johnson who was selling soda to his schoolmates, Jonathan Volk started to think about business models very early in his life. In 7th grade he was buying candy in bulk from a store and reselling it to his classmates, allowing him to make a small profit with the margin.

The interesting thing is that he was selling it for $0.50 while the candy vending machines charged $0.75 for the same quantity. Competition research well done ;)

It went pretty well until he made $400 in profit and was called into the office to get asked to stop. Competition got him out of business!

Jonathan Volk: Meet The Internet World

Jonathan started programming in C and C++ when he was 11 years old, then he started to learn html and php. His interest for programming is what got him into the internet world.

Jonathan Volk: First Business With Daddy

In 2004, Jonathan’s dad offered him an opportunity he couldn’t refuse: starting a web hosting business. This was going to be the first time he would actually make some money from the internet.

In the process of getting this hosting business up and running, Jonathan’s father invested several tens of thousands of dollars in learning SEO and other internet-related skills.

Even if they did put a lot of effort into this hosting business, it failed. The business failed but Jonathan did not. These newly learned skills were to become strong assets for his upcoming business.

Jonathan Volk: Time To Get Serious

Jonathan started online by building some Adsense websites and he managed to make up to $250 per day. The problem was that Google Adsense income was very inconsistent and the margins were too small because he was doing some arbitrage with his websites (sending paid traffic to his website optimised for people to click on his ads).

In 2007, it was time for Jonathan to get serious about affiliate marketing. He started to apply his techniques to affiliate marketing and quickly learned about the true potential of this business. To improve his work, he researched everything he could about affiliate marketing through forums, friends, and everyone’s best friend: google.

Jonathan Volk: Total Commitment

In March 2007 (not long after getting serious), Jonathan was able to leave his part-time job and fully commit to affiliate marketing. This allowed him to spend countless hours working on his internet marketing campaigns.

As he was already making a decent income, he was not forced at all to work that much, but he had fun doing it, and that’s probably one of keypoints to reaching success.

Then Jonathan started networking. Combining the fact that Jonathan was starting to build up his network and his hunger to learn everything related to internet marketing, he has been able to quickly build a multi-million dollar per year business.

Jonathan Volk: Branching Out Of Affiliate Marketing

In late 2010, Jonathan decided to widen the scope of his activities online and got started in ecommerce. While he didn’t reveal the name or address of his ecommerce website, he is documenting some of the steps he is taking on his blog: JonathanVolk.com.

Jonathan Volk: JonathanVolk.com

If you are interested in learning more about Jonathan and his methods, you may read his personal blog JonathanVolk.com. He started on April 13th, 2007 with an eloquent post titled: “New Blog”. He won’t blame me for copy/pasting the content of his first post:

Hey everyone. This is my new blog. I used to have an old blog but I decided to start a new one under my name.

So yup. :) Hey.

Short and straight to the point :D


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  1. Flash Games

    I really like JonathanVolk.com! Jonathan shares a lot of useful tips regarding Facebook advertising!

    1. Steven

      I totally agree! If you want to get into Facebook advertising, you should definitely visit Jonathan’s blog on a regular basis.

  2. First Website

    Another great Who Is post! Well done Steven.

  3. Webdesign Inspiration

    Any kid who would been in the same school as Jonathan and Zac would have end up with credit card debt before being 14 years old :D

  4. Jonathan Volk

    Thanks for the write up and that awesome picture! I gotta share this picture on my blog! I’ll have a post up on Thursday. :)

    1. Steven

      TY for the kind words Jonathan! Glad you like the post :)

  5. Affiliate Paying

    Jonathan is the man. Great post!

  6. Jason

    Jonathan is selling car covers these days.. :-p (Insider Information)

  7. Affiliate Marketing Software

    Jonathan is a stand up guy who shares more than he maybe should sometime :P
    It’s great to see that he even takes the time out of his day to respond to blog and forum posts like this one.

    1. Steven

      I agree with you, Jonathan is a great guy. I wish he was still as active as he was a few months ago…

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