Who is John Chow?

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Who is John Chow?

Moving forward with the “Who is” series, here comes “Who is John Chow?”. If you were not around here last week you may have missed the opening post of the series which featured Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker. Just go and check it out. Today’s post is featuring another of the biggest name in the Make Money Online world: John Chow.

John Chow: The Man

John Chow

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John Chow is a Canadian citizen, living in Vancouver, who’s been working online since mid-1999 (That I know of).

Before working online, he was a partner in a local Richmond printing company where he worked for over 10 years. At some point, he decided that he wanted to sail to other ventures and jumped into the online world.

John Chow Online World

John Chow’s online history started in April 1999 when he launched a site focused on technology: The TechZone. At that time, the site grew to the point of joining the small club of the biggest hardware tech sites on the internet.

To support the growth of The TechZone, John Chow created an advertising network called TTZ Media. This site serves contextual advertising to hardware and electronic products.

Pumped up by the success of The TechZone, in 2006 he tried to launch two other hardware sites: Laptop Gamers and Digital Grabers. The two of each only lived for a few months and were just dropped. I guess these two blogs are still generating a little cash as John kept the domain names and website running even if they are not updated anymore.

John Chow Dot Com

When he first started his personal blog, John named it “The Wired World Of John Chow”. The name then changed to “John Chow dot Com The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul” (Yeah, that’s one-hell-of-a-long-name) since he considers that he is ranking as a Dot Com Mogul.

John Chow Dot Com covers a wide range of subjects: Blogging, Cars, Dot Come lifestyle, Fine dining, Investing, Make Money Online, Ramblings, Reviews, Technology, Trade Shows and WordPress.

John Chow Dot Com Mogul

According to John Chow, to be considered a Dot Com Mogul, you have to meet these 7 requirements:

  • Your income is made from the Internet
  • The minimum Internet income level is $10,000 per month (you can not add income from other sources to hit this $10K level)
  • You have no jobs outside of the Internet
  • You have a personal blog with your name as the domain name
  • Your blog must be updated at least once per week
  • A Google search of your name must be at the 1st spot
  • You must be willing to help Dot Com Mogul wannabes

Damn, I will never be a Dot Com Mogul as my blog is not using my personal name as domain name! Too bad… I was meeting all the other requirements.

John Chow: The Root of all Evil

While building his personal brand, John Chow tried a huge variety of methods and eventually pushed his game too far which resulted in him being banned from Google Index during 3 years.

At that time, he was openly selling links on his website, selling a lot of paid reviews as well as using some questionnable link baiting methods that I won’t be explaining in details here because I don’t want to give bad ideas to my readers.

For a lot of us bloggers, it’s impossible imagining a world without Google as it’s bringing an important share of everyone’s traffic. So, when John Chow was banned, most of us thought that he would not be able to keep his game going.

But, it was mistrusting John Chow’s resources! In fact, he decided that he would show everyone that he could go on building his blog and personal brand without the help of Google. Did he really have any other choice? The only other possibility would have been to give up on his blog.

During 3 years, he continued building his blog and made it grow without receiving any traffic from Google. After some discussion with Jeremy Schoemaker and Neil Pater, he decided to try to get back into Google, probably seeing that he could grow even bigger (and make huge bucks) with the help of Google now that his brand was already big.

John Chow getting back on Google Tracks

Fast forward 3 years, in mid-2009, Neil Pater introduced John Chow to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team. After some email exchanges with Matt Cutts, a reconsideration request was submited and he was back into Google.

John Chow General Info

Nowadays, according to AdAge Power 150 JohnChow.com is the biggest canadian marketing blog, and he is probably one of the most read marketing blog worldwide.

As a conclusion, don’t forget that John Chow Dot Com is all about Ramblings, so all the posts are not focused at making money online but there are still some gems popping up on a regular basis.

Update: As for ShoeMoney post, it appears that John Chow liked this biography article and he gladly shared this page with his 54k followers. It’s going to be fun to see if he generates more traffic (i.e. has more influence or a more loyal following) than ShoeMoney!

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  1. First Website

    Very nice post about John Chow, I didn’t know his background at all. Thank you

    1. Steven

      You’re welcome! Not everyone knows that he used to be an internet badass :P

  2. Sarah

    I love the caricature :D

    1. Steven

      I like it too! I got a great artist working here :)

  3. Shad

    I used to like reading his blog, but there are a LOT of posts which are not helping at all to make money online…

    When he posted about how to prepare your luggage for a business trip, this was too much for me. I dropped.

    1. Webdesign Inspiration

      This has been a great disappointment for me too… I preferred it before. Now I only go when I have nothing better to read.

    2. Liz

      I have to agree on this one, John Chow’s blog is filled with useless posts.

    3. Naney

      I hate this guy man.. he boasts about him all the time and have no actual stuff to present to visitors.. Boycott him outta Affiliate industry

    4. Dana

      Noone is actually forcing you to read his blog… If you don’t like it, just go read something else. He won’t be missing you.

  4. Dan Palanchuk

    Same thing sort of has happened with shoemoney. He doesn’t really post often or has guest bloggers.

    His traffic has been decreasing over the past year or so.

  5. Gorman

    Stop criticizing John Chow like that! He rocks and you are just a bunch of jealous people.

    1. Dan Palanchuk

      I’m not saying he sucks. He still has a lot of good posts, but some people should realize that the blog is also his personal, so it shouldn’t matter if he’s blogging about something in his life.

  6. Affiliate Paying

    Nice writeup, Steven. I believe it will be more interesting if you write a post – “Who is Mr Green”? :)

    1. Steven

      Thinking about it… Are you a fan of Mr Green? ;)

  7. Dino Vedo

    John’s had a good blog going when I first got into making money online, now it seems kinda stale and all about clickbank and food… :(

  8. Shalu Sharma

    John Chow is a dam fine person. He has some good tips on making money. There are too many criterias to be a top money making mogul though.

  9. Jeremy

    I used to like his blog. Nowadays I just skip it. Its full of rehashed stuff and he is always pushing IM products that’s quite old stuff but re branded.

    Though it wont hurt u none, John, u have lost a reader.

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