Who is Joel Comm?

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Who is Joel Comm?

Moving forward with the “Who is” series, it’s time to feature one of the greatest online entrepreneur. As you may already know, the “Who is” post series already featured a lot of interesting people such as Jonathan Volk and Frank Kern. Today, it’s time for Joel Comm.

You may not know Joel Comm as well as ShoeMoney or John Chow for the simple reason that he is not as proficient as a blogger as he is developing his own business. Joel is mostly an Internet Marketer and a book/ebook author.

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Joel Comm

Joel Comm, Serial Entrepreneur

In 1996, Joel worked with a partner (Eron Jokipii) on relaunching a game platform called SpringerSpan.com as ClassicGames.com. The website was soon to be bought by Yahoo. Eron became Yahoo’s Chief of Games and the services of Classic Games were integrated in Yahoo’s platform.

Joel also started a printed newsletter called The Dallas Fort Worth Software Review which quickly turned into WorldVillage.com. World Village provides blog content, reviews and news on a very wide range of subjects: Arts, Business, Computers, Family, Games, Health, Home, Recreation, Science, Society, Sports, and Technology.

Joel Comm, The Writer

In 2004, Joel started implementing Google AdSense on his website empire. Being a clever professional, he tested a lot of different approaches to implement Google ads and developed a number of strategies to optimize his income. This experience led him to the publication of an eBook titled “What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense” in 2005. The ebook receiving very positive reviews, he developed it even further to produce his first traditional print book: “The AdSense Code”.

His first famous publication is called “The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense” and was published back in 2006. AdSense was totally exploding at this time and being well-written and filled with useful information, its no wonder that this book quickly became New York Times and Business Week bestsellers.

Being an avid writer (and finding some success through his books), he also published two other books called “Click Here to Order: Stories of the World’s Most Successful Internet Entrepreneurs” and “Twitter Power: How to Dominate your Market One Tweet at a Time” in February 2009. The feedback for “Twitter Power” has also been very positive, leading to its translation into Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

In 2010, Joel striked again with a new book: “KaChing, How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays”. The idea behind Kaching is to teach its readers how to generate a part-time or full-time income online through well-monetized content-based websites. In the process of promoting this last book, Joel marketed Kaching both online and offline (through television commercials) but quickly realized that using traditional medias to promote internet-related books was a waste of time and money.

Joel Comm, The Speaker

Leveraging the fame he accumulated through his book “The Adsense Code”, Joel started to appear as a regular public speaker in live events. His areas of expertise are business, Internet Marketing and entrepreneurship. His experience allowed him to speak for famous corporations such as Microsoft and IBM as well as famous events such as Anthony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery, Chris Howard’s Wealth Symposiums, T. Harv Eker’s Never Work Again and Armand Morin’s Big Seminar.

Joel Comm, The TV Host

In 2007, Joel produced and hosted an online reality show called “The Next Internet Millionaire”. This show featured twelve Internet Marketing promising individuals and provided them with challenges to test their abilities and entrepreneur skills. As in any reality show, contestants were eliminated along the way until just one remained and received $25,000 and a joint venture with Joel.

Joel Comm, The Farter

Who doesn’t know the famous fart apps for iPhone… Well, in late 2008, Joel and his small software company Infomedia produced the world-famous iPhone application: iFart Mobile, an iPhone app that replicates a huge variety of fart sounds. Fart sounds include titles such as The Wipe Out, Dirty Raoul, Brown Mosquito, Jack the Ripper, Bombardier and Burrito Maximo. Each sound has it’s own texture, duration and personality. The app was so famous that it spent three weeks at the top of iPhone’s application charts, and even received traditional media coverage and celebrity endorsements.

Recently, probably in an effort to give a little boost to iFart sales, Infomedia did put the whole application for sale on Ebay with a buyout price of $1,000,000. The well-written press-release and auction copy allowed iFart to gain some interesting exposure, which is really great for a pointless app which is more than two years old now.

Joel Comm, The Weight Loss

I’ve been following Joel for quite some time now and have tried to learn from his successes. A few months back, he shared his own experience at losing weight. This is clearly one of the most impressive weight loss I have ever witnessed. Joel went from 225 pounds (102kg) to 175 pounds (79kg) in only 4 months.

Some will say that losing 50 pounds is not that big of a deal, but whoever tried to lose weight knows the challenge. Moreover, Joel explained his own process and how it happened without too much effort (30-45 minutes walk per day, on a treadmill) and mostly by being careful regarding food.

I am talking a lot about mindset for success on Dukeo. Joel’s experience clearly demonstrates that this kind of mindset can be applied in your life to a lot more than just business!

Congratulations Joel for this amazing success, and I hope you’ll be able to maintain your results.


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  1. Webdesign Inspiration

    Never heard of Joel before… I’m going to take a look at his books!

    1. Steven

      You definitely should, he is a great guy and very talented.

  2. First Website

    Another great caricature for Dukeo! Very nice work. :)

    1. Steven

      My artist did some great work on this caricature of Joel :)

  3. Flash Games

    I’ve been a fan of Joel for quite some time now, but his intent to sell iFart for 1 million dollar was a bit cheesy…

  4. John Rampton

    Never heard of Joel or any of his books. Which book would you say would be the best to read for a entrepreneur like myself?

    1. Steven

      Well, I didn’t find time to read one of his books so far, so in all honesty I can’t vouch for a book over another. Your best bet is to read descriptions and reviews and to pick the one that relates to your own experience :)

    2. Lori Ruff, The Linkedin Diva

      John, I’d read Kaching first… Joel is a GREAT guy and authentic. If you want to monetize your blog, Adsense is great… and I’m hoping he starts work on Twitter power 3.0 soon! Check out his series on The Next Internet Millionarie as well and tell him I send “Diva Hugs!”

  5. Kate Kutny

    I have heard of Joel.He is a very successful person and I have been to his website before. He is a very smart man that enjoys teaching people how to be successful online as well.

  6. Make Money Online

    Joel is awesome guy, he has lots of knowledge about adsense. He also had to deal with weight lose issues and he did lose a bunch of weight. Kudos to him!

    1. Steven

      I agree, his achievements are pretty impressive. There is a lot to learn from him :)

  7. Semmy @ Make Money Online

    Hi Steven, I know adsense from Joel and also Twitter traffic from his book. two thumbs for Him.

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