Who is Jim Kukral?

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Who is Jim Kukral?

Even though I am currently in Asia, the “Who is” post series is not going to stop! Among others, the series already featured Riley Pool and Logan Thompson.

I discovered Jim Kukral because of his position as the Ambassador of Affiliate Summit, the Affiliate Marketing event created by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward. As the ambassador, Jim is helping getting some exposure to Affiliate Summit. Curious as I am, it was pretty natural to further investigate Jim’s background and I must say that what I found out is pretty impressive. This is the reason why Jim totally deserves being featured in the “Who is” post series!

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Jim Kukral, A Little Background Info

Jim Kukral is a business web coach, professional speaker, author, award-winning blogger, and social media strategist and trainer.

Jim graduated of the University of Akron, Ohio, with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in Sales & Marketing. Jim has piled up a lot of different experiences in the Internet Marketing Industry which allowed him to grow to become a leading thinker and thought-leader in the community.

His areas of expertise are varied and they include: Building successful new online businesses or energize and refresh existing ones; Learning how to leverage social media for more sales, leads and publicity; Creating imaginative marketing campaigns that get talked about; Innovating new products and services that could positively change businesses bottom line; Attracting first-class publicity that actually means something and gives an ROI; Making more profits with less work.

Jim Kukral

How Did Jim Kukral Get Started?

Jim started working on the Internet in 1995 by writing code, designing websites and managing projects for a huge Web firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. Jim received credit for working on some of the first major Fortune 500 websites and blogs in America.

Who Is Jim Kukral Working With?

In the past 15 years, Jim has worked with so many businesses that it’s impossible to list all of them without getting my readers bored. He has helped small businesses as well as huge companies such as Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance create, develop or energize their online business.

Jim Kukral: The Writer

Jim started blogging in 2001. Since then, his writings have been read by millions of readers though both online channel/networks and offline magazines/trade journals.

In the past, Jim has written for several online sources like clickZ and Builder.com or even ReveNews.com. Nowadays, Jim is writing for magazines such as Revenue Today and FeedFront.

Jim Kukral: Book Author

Jim’s first book “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money”, which was published in August 2010, made him a Best Seller Author. This first book is all about attention marketing. The book tells stories about brands and companies which are using creative campaigns and attention-grabbing ideas to get more sales, leads and publicity.

Pumped up by this success, he will release his second book in 2011. This one should be titled: “The Ultimate Pitch”. It focuses on the art of the pitch and the way businesses are using pitches to reach their end goals.

Jim Kukral’s company: The Biz Web Coach

Jim also works as a mentor/consultant at The Biz Web Coach. He uses this program to help businesses increase their sales, leads and publicity through online marketing.

Jim Kukral and ScratchBack.com

ScratchBack.com is an interesting product that could be summed up like this: Scratch Back is a widget-based tipping system that thousands of bloggers and webmasters use daily. It allows bloggers to receive tips in just a few clicks from their readers with a very easy-to-use widget.

Jim Kukral and OnlineVideoToolKit.com

Jim is also regarded as a web video expert. Strong of his experience acquired through the production of hundreds of videos for himself and his clients that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, he has written a free guide called the Online Video Toolkit. This product has been featured in several Entrepreneur blogs as well as Marketing Sherpa.

Jim Kukral: The Speaker and Moderator

As if it was not enough, Jim is known as a public speaker at many different events all across the US. As a speaker, he develops subjects like Web-entrepreneurism, success and failure, Internet marketing and more.

Jim has also organized an impressive number of panels as a moderator during which he introduces numerous Web celebrities such as Newark Mayor Corey Booker, Mahalo’s Jason Calacanis, Dallas Maverick’s billionaire owner Marc Cuban, social media guru Chris Brogan…

Jim Kukral, Press and Blogs

Over the years, Jim has done very well doing publicity for his own brand as well as his projects or people’s products he was hired to advertise. He has been quoted in numerous publications both online and offline such as The Wall Street Journal, Brandweek, New York Times, BusinessWeek, Inc., Entrepreneur, Small Business Trends, FeedFront, Revenue Today, Forbes, Marketing Sherpa and Duct Tape Marketing network…

Jim Kukral: The Professor

Among other things, Jim is currently serving as a Certified Adjunct Professor for The University of San Francisco online. There, he shares his experience in the Online Marketing industry with thousands of students by focusing on 3 main subjects: Internet Marketing, Web Monetization and Social Media.

Apparently, in his book (that I didn’t read yet), Jim mentions that if you can get his attention, he’ll send you an autographed book as well as a prize. We’ll see if this post gets his attention and if he will actually send the book and the prize. ;)


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