Who is Ian Fernando?

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Who is Ian Fernando?

From the very positive emails I am receiving, I know for a fact that some of you are eagerly waiting for every new post in the “Who is” series. Well, good news, it’s that time of the week!

“Who is” series already featured Tyler Cruz and Missy Ward.

This week’s “Who is” post is going to be fully dedicated to a very popular blogger in the internet marketing industry… Please give a round of applause to Ian Fernando!

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Ian Fernando Before The Internet

Ian Fernando is an affiliate Marketer from New Jersey who’s been working in this industry since 2007. Aside from work, Ian enjoys traveling and would like to be able to find more time to do that. Ian’s father traveled the world when he was younger and it always inspired him to follow his dreams.

Being a college drop-out, he was not really prepared to get into this industry. He took up Management Information Systems back in college, went to school for less than 3 years, then stopped.

Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando Starting Online

He has always been into web design and developed numerous websites on angelfire and geocities several years ago.

Ian made his for hard-earned online dollars by selling old stuff on Ebay. It started rather innocently by selling stuff he would find around his house but he quickly scaled things up by going to flea market and buy things in bulk to resell on Ebay. At that time, the biggest issues he was facing were customer support and deal negotiating.

Once he discovered affiliate marketing as we know it, he started building a huge number of niche websites monetized through eBay, LinkShare or ShareASale. He really enjoyed the business model since he didn’t have to deal with customer support anymore.

Ian Fernando And Affiliate Marketing

Starting working with Azoogle has been an important milestone in Ian’s internet career because they helped him learn about the industry and grow his business. It all started with his Azoogle Affiliate Manager recommending an offer to Ian. From this point he built an affiliate campaign around the offer and it started rolling.

Ian Fernando and IanFernando.com

Ian started blogging on his main website: IanFernando.com, back in 2007. At first, this blog allowed him to track and speak what he had on his mind about the internet industry.

Ian Fernando and Creativity

Ian is one of those very creative minds who always comes up with new things to test. Whenever something comes to his mind, he will invest time and money to get it done as fast as possible. However, this is also one of his biggest weaknesses. As he keeps piling up new ideas, some of them end up being buried under other more fresh ideas.

Ian Fernando and His Very First Domain

The first domain Ian ever bought is theIanternet.com. At that time, he wanted to register Ianternet.com but it was already taken (quite normal as it may be a typo of internet.com). In the beginning, Ian used this domain as a collection of his favorite web things, like a bookmark dashboard, but he quickly got bored and turned it into a blog directory, then an eCommerce website, then an internet directory, and now it’s a simple page that redirects to IanFernando.com. (OMG, so many different websites for a single domain!)

Ian Fernando and Mastermind Group

Ian is a living proof of the value of mastermind groups. He regrouped with 2 other entrepreneurs with whom he is meeting every now and then. This process helps his staying focused on what is really important to his business. When Ian is facing adversity, this Mastermind Group also shows its true value since they can suggest ideas and get his back.

Ian Fernando As a Speaker At Affiliate Summit

Not so long ago, Shawn Collins gave an amazing opportunity to Ian: being a speaker at Affiliate Summit. Obviously, he accepted. On overall, Ian rates this experience as a great opportunity that allowed him to speak to other affiliate marketers.

Ian is a very interesting individual who seems to keep developing new ideas every single day while still being able to stay focused on what really matters to make his business successful! We’ll see where Ian goes from this point on…


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  1. Ian Fernando

    damn sounds like you stalked me all those years! great pic! skills!

    1. Steven

      I can testify that I never stalked you ;) (or else I might have uncovered the very first website you did when you were in High School! You know the one.. hehe)

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ll tell my artist that his work was highly appreciated once again.

  2. Affiliate Manager

    haha, awesome caricature! Looks just like him :)

    1. Affiliate Paying

      Agreed. Another amazing caricature! +1

  3. Mike Chiasson

    Haha clearly the caricature needs to be redone to feature his signature ‘camera pointing’ instead of the thumbs up.

  4. Trafficplusconversion.com

    wow, looks just like him! you got skills

    1. Steven

      My artist surely has great skills :)

  5. D3so

    I read Ian’s blog from time to time but never really knew his background. Interesting stuff. I need to get a mastermind group started.

  6. Logan Thompson

    Wow, nice job on the drawings. I agree with Mike though, Ian needs his signature camera point.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the kind words! Regarding the signature camera point… Well… erm… how can I say… That’s going to be a little complicated :P

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