Who is Dr. David “dk” Klein?

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Who is Dr. David “dk” Klein?

It’s already the third post in the “Who is” series, and today I’m really excited to write about Dr. David “dk” Klein. After writing about ShoeMoney and John Chow, this may look like a weird choice for the third person, but this is not random at all.

First of all, you may be wondering why I’m saying Doctor. That’s an easy one! Indeed, dk really is a doctor. To be more precise dk is a chiropractor practicing in the area of San Diego, California.

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Dr David dk Klein

Dr. David “dk” Klein: the early days

But first things first, let’s start from the beginning. dk started his life in Burbank, California. Then he moved to Sun Valley, California when he was 7 years old. He grew up between the wilderness of the Verdugo Mountains and a Chicano metropolis with its gangs and tortillas.

Dk learned quite early how to pull the right strings as he became the president of Sun Valley junior high school mostly by throwing candy to the audience!

He started to learn the value of hard work from the age of 15 working at Joe Haggerty plumbing.

As a teenager, he spent a lot of time skateboarding empty pools, asphalt banks of schools and half-pipes all over the San Fernando Valley back in the 1970’s. Then from skateboarding he went to surfing where he reached a pretty high level until surfing became too competitive so he turned to a less known sport: skimboarding. He later discovered the pleasure of S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddle Surfing).

While in California State Northridge for his undergraduate college education, he lifeguarded at Aliso Beach on Southern Laguna Beach where saved as many as 8 people at once (dk are you sure you didn’t bullshit me on this one? ;) Was it the same day when you saved the world from an alien invasion? lol).

Dk met his Norwegian wife Jorunn during his chiropractic college while she was in Mexico before returning to Norway after being a nanny in the US. They kept in touch by writing back and forth until she moved to Florida to work in Disney World. He flew from California to Florida each month to see her until she moved to California to live with him.

Together, they moved to San Diego where dk opened his chiropractic office in La Jolla a block and a half up from the Pacific ocean in the Beverly Hills of San Diego.

Dr. David “dk” Klein: the chiropractor

During the past 16 years, dk have treated thousand of people and he has gotten to know CEO’s of some of the largest companies in the world. While he was learning about business from them, he started to become “the connector”.

Dr. David “dk” Klein: the connector

If you are an avid blog reader, you may not know him as much as ShoeMoney or John Chow, but let me tell you that this guy definitely deserves to get known more. dk is probably the most connected person in this industry, and I’m not the only person saying this. This is said by all the big names in the Affiliate, Make Money Online and Internet Industry.

You may be happy or proud because you know someone who knows someone, but there is no way to compete. You can’t be playing in the same league as dk does because he doesn’t know someone who knows someone, he simply knows everyone.

Dr. David “dk” Klein: head of PurposeInc

PurposeInc was originally named Purpose Incorporated. As dk’s first job is being a chiropractor, this company was aimed at chiropractors ans chiropractic activities. When dk started to grew his online marketing activities, he changed the name to PurposeInc and expanded his reach to help companies (not only chiropractic) get fresh customers.

Dr. David “dk” Klein: Live events you can’t afford to miss

Backing up his journey to become the most connected person in the industry, dk is throwing some of the Internet Business Industry most successful and fun events. Mostly Poker Tournaments during well-known conferences such as Pubcon or Affiliate Summit, but also The Think Tank (which is actually how I first heard of him as he did some great work on launching his event last summer with very entertaining videos!).

Dr. David “dk” Klein: Father of The Think Tank

The Think Tank is an event targeted at online entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and basically anyone who is working on making money on the internet. The main goal is as simple as 1-2-3: help each other make more money (the goal is simple, not achieving it!).

One of the keys to The Think Tank quality is that paying your entrance fee for the event is not all it takes to get you in. You need to be experienced enough and show that you will bring something to the table. This is definitely not one of these events where you sit in a conference room and listen to a speaker who is doing a sales pitch for his latest product a presentation.

The Think Tank is all about networking and exchange. You get to meet talented individuals who can definitely help you grow your online business as long as you can also help them and share with them. And you can do that safely thanks to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (N.D.A.) every participant has to sign prior to the event.

Dr. David “dk” Klein: Waiting to meet you

As a conclusion, all I can say is that dk is definitely a person who I’d like to meet when I’ll start attending live events. He is a talented person who seems to be a really nice and fun guy.

If you want to learn more about him, check dk’s website. You can also follow him on twitter to get fresh updates.


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  1. Ppc Ian

    Awesome post, really awesome to learn more about dk. By the way, I like the caricatures you are using in this “who is” series.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for the support, dk really deserve this article. He sounds like a great guy.

      Regarding the caricatures, I found a great artist after testing 2 others. He is doing great work!

  2. Dino Vedo

    Interesting stuff! heard about him but never really got to know that much!!

  3. Andreas Fiaschetti

    I simply want to mention I’m all new to blogging and definitely loved your web site. Very likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You definitely come with great stories. Cheers for sharing your website page.

  4. Flash Games

    Very interesting guy!
    The lifeguard part is epic :D

    1. Steven

      I’m heavily doubting about the truthfulness of this part, but this was still fun ;)

  5. First Website

    Never heard of him but this guy looks fun…

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