Who is Bryn Youngblut?

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Who is Bryn Youngblut?

The second season of “Who is” posts started a few weeks ago. The positive feedback keeps coming and I’m loving it. This amazing post series already featured Luke Kling and Brian Evans.

The next time they edit the dictionary they’re going to put Bryn Youngblut’s picture right there next to the word “Inspirational”. Eight years ago he was just building websites for fun and today he’s one of the most sucessful affilaite marketers in the industry. Yet, throughout his blog and many of the interviews he’s granted, his message remains humble – If you don’t give up, there’s no way you can fail.

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Bryn Youngblut

Bryn Youngblut’s Background

Bryn Youngblut was just having some fun building websites when he realized that people were actually making money with their sites, by monetizing them with Google Adsense. He was 14 at the time and, being young and daring, decided to try it himself.

He soon discovered that if he clicked his own ads he could make more money, and if he had his friends all visit his sites and click his ads he’d make even more. And… well, I’m sure you can guess how that story ended.

When Google banned his account he moved to another ad network which didn’t hold a candle to Adsense, and from there he found his way into affiliate marketing. Now he’s a leader in PPC marketing and is currently President of Bryn Media and CEO of Moneasy Inc.

Bryn Youngblut’s Blog: Bryn.me

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Bryn’s blog, is that, unlike most Super Affiliates, he doesn’t spend his time talking about all of his own great accomplishments, bragging about how much money he makes. In fact, he doesn’t even like to be called a Super Affiliate or lumped in the same class.

What he does talk about though, is life and how to live it. How to get the most out of every minute of the day. Not just how to be more productive in your work life, but how to really experience your full potential. His blog post Working to Live vs Living to Work includes a motivational video that reminds us that everything could change in an instant and asks the question – What would you change about your life if it did.

In fact, Bryn’s blog has an entire page, titled “Inspiration”, set up for some of the motivational videos he’s found all over the Internet and surprisingly enough, none of them has anything to do with Internet marketing. Here’s a young man who’s target audience is affiliate marketers, yet some of his most inspirational blog posts have nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

Let’s Talk About Bryn And Affiliate Marketing

Bryn’s blog isn’t all about inspiration and motivation, though. He also offers some solid advice for affiliate marketers who want to learn more about the business. In his post “Tips For New Affiliate Marketers” he talks about how to find profitable offers that convert and he recommends 3 of his favorite affiliate networks.

And his blog post, “The Highs And Lows of Affiliate Marketing” talks about how great if feels to exceed your goals and then how lousy you feel when someone pulls the rug out from under you. And unfortunately, that ‘someone’ is usually YOU. This blog post is a must-read for anyone hoping to achieve long-term success in the affiliate marketing arena because it talks about building relationships with your advertisers.

What’s Bryn Youngblut Working On Now?

If you look at his blog you’ll see that Bryn doesn’t spend a whole lot of time writing about his hopes and dreams. He even admits he feels pressured because he’s not constantly posting. In one of his most recent post, “My Quitting Drinking For A Month Challenge” he explains that he either just doesn’t have anything to say or what he could say would damage his business. Rather than add more junk to the blogosphere he chooses to post when he really has something to say.

These days, when he’s not working on split testing campaigns, you’ll find him on the golf course. He’s recently purchased his own home and a shiny new car and he visits his parents at least once a week for dinner at their house. He’s living life the way he wants to live it and focusing on his long-term goals.


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  1. Affpaying

    Another great who is post! Another excellent caricature! Great job, Steven! :)

    1. Steven

      Thanks Gao ;)

  2. Bryn Youngblut

    I gotta say I didn’t see this one coming but you did a good job on the write up, probably better than any others. I like how you did all your own research and didn’t just ask generic questions for the interviewee to answer.


    1. Steven

      Thanks for the feedback Bryn.

      I prefer these biographic posts over interviews because I can write them whenever I want without having to wait for a reply from the interviewee and I avoid asking for the 100th time: “how did you start?” “what would you do if you could start over?” “what was your biggest mistake?”… :)

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