Who is Brian Evans?

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Who is Brian Evans?

The second season of “Who is” posts started last week. During the past 7 days, I’ve been amazed by the feedback I received from Dukeo’s readers. You truly love this post series and this makes me extremely happy. This awesome post series already featured Jim Kukral and Luke Kling.

It’s time to post something about the second winner of a cariture through the first contest I ran with Dukeo. He’s one of my highly successful fellow affiliate marketers / bloggers: Brian Evans.

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Brian Evans’ Background

To say that Brian Evans has an interesting background is an understatement. Read his resume and you’ll think it belongs to one of your drinking buddies – the guy who’s done all the cool stuff you can only dream about doing because you’re married or you’re a dweeb.

His interests include stuff like drag racing, mountain biking, grappling and putting them in from the 3-point line. He plays Texas Hold’em, he’s an expert at the Rubik’s Cube, he’s a computer geek, a techie and he’s even an actor! I wanna be just like Brian Evans when I grow up!

Brian Evans

Brian Evans’ Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Brian didn’t start out to be one of the most successful Affiliate Marketers in the world. In fact, he didn’t start out to be an Internet marketer at all. But, as so often happens, he became disillusioned with the old style techniques they were preaching in his business management and marketing classes and decided to venture off on his own, into the brand new world of online business.

He started first with eBay and content sites and was immediately – and hugely – successful. But soon it occurred to him – if HE was making all of this money from Adsense, someone must be making a ton of money off of HIM.

And so it began!

Brian Evans Online Journey

Six years after storming out of his college marketing classes, Brian stumbled on affiliate marketing and has never looked back. As his income grew, so did his knowledge and he eventually made a powerful discovery. The money may be in the list, but the BIG money is in the relationships you build with your list.

Over the next 5 years Brian became an expert at list building techniques and marketing methods that helped him generate a 7-figure income. In an interview with The TeleWorkers Digest, just before the launch of his List Profit Bootcamp, he discusses some of the finer points of list building, one of the most important being to picture your reader as a real person, and write as if you’re addressing a friend.

Brian Evans’ Blog: Daily Conversions

What I like about Brian’s blog, Daily Conversions, is that he tells you right up front, on his about page, that he’s not a writer and he is not going to go into any long-winded self-promotional crap. On his blog, Brian tells you what he has to tell you, in the simplest way he can, and then he’s going to go do other things. Take it or leave it, he has better things to do than sit around blogging all day.

What do I Think About Brian Evans

We all read about the top internet marketers and wonder just how much they’re really revealing about their journey to the top of the heap. I like that Brian is willing to share his ideas about list building. But what’s really awesome is the way he’s up-front and open with his blog. There’s tons of information there on a variety of topics from affiliate marketing to search engine optimization. From what I’ve been reading, he and I are playing the same online marketing game!

What Is Brian Evans Doing Now?

Brian is currently one of the top producing Affiliate Marketers on the web. He provides coaching for affiliate networks, affiliate marketers, Internet marketers, and small businesses, and even coaches other coaches. His message is simple and clear:

Make sure you are passionate or re-dedicate yourself so that you are. I got this philisophy from the acting and movie business, because you will not make it if you aren’t relentlessly passionate. Be relentless(ly) passionate in everything you do and you will make it.

If after all that, you are still wondering what is Brian up-to these days, watch the following movie trailer! It’s so amazing to see one of my fellow affiliate marketer / blogger acting in a movie!


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  1. Brian Evans

    Great post Dukeo! You are truly the master of this!

    Sorry ladies but I’m taken not single!

    1. Steven

      I’m glad you liked the post!

    2. Mike Chiasson

      Haha that looks just like you Brian. I was a little surprised when it said you were single as well!

    3. Steven

      I’ve edited this part of the post :) I don’t want to be the source of a misunderstanding.

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